Members of the CGPJ meet next Friday to start negotiations on the TC

MADRID, Sep. 12 (.) –

The interlocutors designated by the progressive and conservative sectors of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) have agreed to hold a first meeting next Friday by videoconference to begin negotiations aimed at appointing the two CGPJ magistrates who correspond to designate the governing body of the judges.

According to the legal sources consulted, the ‘online’ meeting will take place at 9:00 a.m. on September 16 with the aspiration that it be an “open meeting”, so that the participants can define its content in the course of it. The aforementioned sources indicate that the objective is to start putting names on the table about possible candidates for the TC.

This has been agreed by the interlocutors of both currents –José Antonio Ballestero and Carmen Llombart, from the conservative side; and Álvaro Cuesta, Rafael Mozo and Roser Bach, from the progressive wing– after a day in which informal contacts have taken place.

This contact will take place after this Tuesday, September 13, the day set by the latest legal reform promoted by the Government as the deadline for the Council to designate its two candidates for the court of guarantees. CGPJ sources had already told this news agency that it would be “difficult” to meet the deadline.

After a threat of blockade by the Conservatives, due to the discomfort in the CGPJ due to the times set by Moncloa, the Conservatives finally agreed last week to reach “duly consensual agreements” to address the renewal of the TC but respecting “the times decision of the Council”.

The result was that in the extraordinary plenary session convened for September 8 by the president of the CGPJ, Carlos Lesmes, with the expectation that these appointments would already be made, the two currents agreed on the “rules of the game”.

The main point of the lighting protocol is that the Plenary will not meet again until there are two selected candidates, although once convened other candidates may apply. This first appointment is part of the informal contacts to draw up that short list before holding another plenary session.

To appoint its two candidates to the TC, the CGPJ must add a reinforced majority of three fifths, that is, twelve votes, so to the eight that brings together the progressive sector, four conservatives would have to be added.

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