Mega ax reaction on Acharya movie .. That word is called Upasana


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Mega cousins ​​Upasana mostly do not watch movies. Upasana is not so interested in movies. But I watch movies starring Ram Charan whenever I can. First day watching the first show is like being a fan. Everyone knows how viral the video of Upasana throwing papers into the galley while watching an RRR movie is. Now it seems that Acharya has also watched the film as an Upasana special.

Upasana watched the film at AMB Mall yesterday. The film was viewed by fans and posted. Humility was also tagged as Love Love Love the Movie. Also said about AMB Mall. Upasana later shared a video related to Success Celebrations.

However, what kind of talk did Acharya get on the movie .. Everyone knows how many trolls are going on. Mega fans are also expressing their dissatisfaction with Acharya’s film. Would you make a movie so bad? Shiva is being trolled by Koratala. Others, however, are commenting that this was due to Chiranjeevi and that it was due to his finger pointing in the story.

A total of three to four years of waiting was in vain. After Saira, Chiranjeevi devoted three to four years to the film. On the other hand, Shiva, also known as Koratala Shiva, later devoted time to Acharya. But the result made a worse difference.


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