Mattarella and Draghi, the options preferred by Italians in the race for the Presidency

MADRID, Jan. 21 (.) –

The political race in Italy to renew the Presidency in February is still up in the air but, for citizens, the solution is to bet on consensus candidates, in particular for a second term of the current head of state, Sergio Mattarella, or for a change of posts by the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi.

Mattarella has made it clear in several speeches that he does not want to continue in office, while Draghi has been cautious, in an attempt to get the government out of this political earthquake. “I am a grandfather at the service of the institutions,” he declared at a press conference at the end of December.

However, their names continue to sound repeatedly in political debates, also in public. Not in vain, both leaders would be able to bring together support from different political blocs, something essential since neither the center-right nor the center-left add up enough votes on their own.

A survey published this Friday by the Sky chain places the one known as ‘Mattarella bis’ as the preferred option of Italians, since 65.1 percent of the people surveyed believe that it would perform a good management. In second place is Draghi, well seen by 57.1 percent.

However, when it comes to odds, it is the prime minister who is the favourite. Thus, 18.8 percent of those interviewed place him as the next president of the Republic, while 11.1 percent bet on a second term for Mattarella.

Between the two slips, in a matter of probability, former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, indicated by 14.7 percent. However, the virtual conservative candidate does not enjoy a good public image, since only 25.7 percent see him as a good president and 64.5 percent reject him, according to the survey.

Berlusconi is surpassed in popularity by the European commissioner Paolo Gentiloni and two women, the former minister Emma Bonino and the current head of Justice, Marta Cartabia, who also sounds like a potential figure of consensus in the event that Draghi makes the leap to the Quirinal.

The weekend will be key for the parties to finish testing their real options for Monday, when the voting will begin so that about a thousand people – including deputies, senators and regional representatives – decide who is the new president of Italy.

The center-right parties initially opted for Berlusconi, but in recent days the leaders of the Italian League and Brothers, Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni, have hinted that there will be a ‘plan B’ if the former’s option fails. Prime Minister.

The center-left, for its part, has tried to strengthen its unity, without yet putting names on the table. The leader of the 5 Star Movement (M5S), Giuseppe Conte, met with Salvini on Thursday to outline a potential transversal agreement, in search of a “prestigious figure” who would in turn avoid a government crisis, according to sources cited by the Rai chain.

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