Más Madrid presents the candidacies of Mónica García and Rita Maestre to wrest Madrid from the PP

Más Madrid has presented its candidacies for the Community of Madrid and for the City Council of the capital, led by Mónica García and Rita Maestre respectively. Both candidates will dispute the Madrid Government Isabel Diaz Ayuso and the Mayor’s Office Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida.

García’s team has presented its cast under the name “Más Madrid 2023” with some heads of list that, according to the formation, combine “solvency, institutional experience and extensive knowledge and dedication to issues such as health, public services, the economy, feminism or the ecological transition”. The intention is to present a “serious and exciting alternative to abandoning Ayuso”.

There are members who repeat and who have been deputies during this last legislaturebut professionals from the university world, from the company, experts in migration, social work and municipalism have also been incorporated.

The candidacy includes, among others, the family doctor javier padillawhich repeats as number two; Manuela Bergerot, specialist in Memory and Human Rights policies; either Alberto Oliver Gomezengineer with experience in the chemical, aeronautical and nuclear fields.

Promotion of social activism

Maestre’s team, for its part, has highlighted the incorporation of Lucia Lois, social activist, as number three. With this signing they intend to “strengthen the family area and educational and childhood policies.” Some days ago, Public first reported on the election of Félix López Rey, a historic neighborhood activist, as number two on the list.

Eduardo Rubinoan activist who defends LGTBI rights, is once again part of the candidacy, as is the councilor Cuca Sanchez. These names add to the trickle of representatives that make up the Maestre candidacy, which will be fully known in the coming days, according to the formation.

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