Maria Corina Machado: “In Venezuela people already associate socialism with misery and violence”

Maria Corina Machadonational coordinator of Sell ​​Venezuelahas explained the situation in Venezuela in It’s Federico’s Morning. After the flight of Juan Guaidó from the Bolivarian country, the situation of the Venezuelan people for which he feels great hope despite the fact that “everything that is known about the nature of the criminal system of the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro which is also being investigated for crimes against humanity, managed to expel a quarter of the population from the country“. And those who have stayed, denounce that they are living with a minimum salary of “five dollars a month”.

“Venezuela have struggled for the last 23 years, but we have learned that we cannot mix the end with the means. The aim is to dismantle a criminal system that has plunged the country into violence and poverty“, has added.

Regarding the proposal of an alternative candidacy, he said that “there is no date or conditions or anything. We know that the regime needs money because it has a terrible liquidity problem. Since it wants money, it needs to remove all sanctions, to forgive its crimes and wants to wash its face with an electoral process that corresponds constitutionally for the year 2024“.

“We need to create a connection based on trust and we have managed to set a date for a first election in October of this year. That will be the mechanism for mobilizing and building strength so that Venezuelans can decide what is the strategy to face to tyranny, what is the team and what are the ideas”, he added.

Unprecedented citizen force

And he has related his reason for hope for the future because “if there is an idea that unites us, it is the total and absolute rejection of socialism. People in Venezuela associate socialism with misery, with violence and with separated families. And this is very powerful because we have a unique opportunity in the history of Venezuela.”

Corina Machado has assured that “the times of naivety are over. Everyone knows who Nicolás Maduro is and what he has done in Venezuela and they know what this criminal socialist regime is. and what Gustavo Petro has shown is that he is an interlocutor for Maduro before the international community. Petro and Maduro have tried to establish a kind of mutual relationship in which Maduro wants Petro to dismantle all the sanctions, which is the only thing left to stop this voracious destruction and criminal abuse of the regime.” And he has criticized “the hypocrisy of the diplomacy that has double standards that try to impose on Venezuelans what they would never accept in their own countries”.

“What is being experienced is something unprecedented and that is emerging with a force that we had not seen before, because even the very bases of Chavismo that have been extorted for a bag of food are revealing themselves. If they took my children from me, they will They ask what else they are going to take away from me”. That’s why he says that what “is being built is an unprecedented citizen legion who is waiting for the primaries in which we demand that the fourth part of the Venezuelan population that is all over the world be able to vote”.

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