Margarita Robles, first Minister of Defense who visits the Asturian barracks of Cabo Noval


The Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, has become this Friday the first head of that portfolio to visit the facilities of the Cabo Noval Barracks, in the Asturian municipality of Siero (Asturias).

The Minister’s visit takes place two days before the flight with the soldiers of the Galicia VII Brigade (Brilat) arrives in Asturian lands, with part of the personnel of the ‘Príncipe’ Infantry Regiment number 3, as members of Operation EUTM Mali XIX.

The arrival of Margarita Robles at the Asturian complex took place after 1:00 p.m. She toured the facilities for approximately an hour and a half, followed at all times by a large group of journalists.

Upon her arrival, she was received with ordinance honors by a picket and with a short version of the national anthem, also with the presence of bagpipes in the interpretation.

Accompanied by Army General (ET) Chief of Staff of the Army, Amador Enseñat y Berea, and Colonel Chief of the ‘Príncipe’ Regiment number 3 Pedro Luis Gutiérrez, Robles walked to the exhibition hall.

After holding a meeting with military officials, Margarita Robles attended a simulation of the treatment of wounded in combat (Téctical Combat Casualty Care-TCCC), in which the scene of an attacked military vehicle and the techniques to face the enemy and evacuate a wounded soldier.

Subsequently, the entourage moved to the central esplanade of the complex, where an institutional photograph was taken. He then greeted the personnel assigned to different military operations. Finally, Robles signed in the Book of Honor.

The Minister has made the visit to Cabo Noval without being accompanied by other Asturian authorities. The Government Delegate in Asturias, Delia Losa, did not attend, nor did any representative of the Government of the Principality of Asturias, chaired by Adrián Barbón.

The spokeswoman for the Asturian regional government, Melania Álvarez, was asked about this matter at a press conference held in Oviedo and explained that if there was no representative from the Principality on the visit it was due to a matter of “schedule fit”.

Robles was not like that with the president of the Principality, Adrián Barbón, but he was in Cabo Noval with one of the politician’s brothers, soldier Borja Barbón, who was one of the soldiers considered ‘outstanding personnel’ for his work in the operation ‘Mission Bulwark’.

Other soldiers from that mission whom Robles personally greeted were Captain José Carlos López, Sergeant César López and Corporal Beatriz Estébanez. Corporal Efrén González, from operation ‘Balmis’, athletes Corporal Javier Fernández, Private María Amparo Zapico and Private Carlos Arévalo, and Corporal Héctor Bruces and Manuel Cuevas for their intervention in the fire in a nursing home.


Minister Margarita Robles has been in the spotlight of political news these days, in a week in which the dismissal of the director of the National Intelligence Center (CNI), Paz Esteban, for the case of espionage on politicians has also made headlines with the ‘Pegasus’ system.

The Parliament approved this Thursday requesting the resignation of Robles in the case of espionage against the independence movement. Despite the fact that the visit lasted an hour and a half and had a large presence of journalists at all times pending his statements, Robles did not intervene and avoided answering his questions.

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