Marga Prohens, proclaimed president of the Balearic Islands

The leader of the Balearic PP, Marga Prohenshas been proclaimed this Thursday new president of the Balearic Islands in a second vote held in Parliament after gaining the support of the 26 deputies of the PP and the abstention of the eight of Voxin compliance with the governance pact between both parties for this new legislature.

The 25 opposition deputies (PSOE, MÉS and Podemos) have voted against in the investiture plenary held this afternoon in the Balearic Parliament.

Prohens thus becomes president with a lone PP government. She is excited and very smiling, she has received a long ovation from the deputies of her party and those of Vox, who are emerging as key support for the next four years.

The new president is 41 years old, is from Campos (Mallorca) and has a degree in Translation and Interpreting from the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.

She has been a deputy for the PP in Congress and in the Balearic Parliament and last 28M she managed to win for her party, in her first attempt, regional elections and access the presidency of the Balearic Islands after eight consecutive years of progressive government chaired by the socialist Francina Armengolwith the support of MÉS and Podemos.

Prohens is the first woman from the PP to hold this position, which was once held by Gabriel Cañellas, Cristòfol Soler, Jaume Matas and José Ramón Bauzá.

This Friday he will take office in a solemn ceremony that will take place at the Consolat de Mar, headquarters of the regional Executive.

After the vote on the occasion of the investiture debate, the former socialist regional president went to the Prohens seat to congratulate her personally and, subsequently, received a hug from the Vox spokeswoman, Idoia Ribas.

Next, Prohens greeted his deputies and the public attending this solemn act that shouted “president, president”.

“Not one step back”

On the occasion of the final part of the investiture debate, Prohens has assured the Chamber that, to carry out his new position, he has the confidence placed in his party by 160,000 citizens and that he will govern “on his own”, as he promised even before he the electoral campaign of 28M will begin.

He has maintained that he will work “for everyone” and that he will not take “not one step back” in the defense of the rights and freedoms of citizens, especially women.

The new president and her cabinet are committed to “islands open to the world,” said Prohens, who wished Francina Armengol, PSOE number one to be shot in the 23J elections, good luck in her new “personal and professional” stage.

In his turn to speak, Armengol has justified the opposite vote of the Socialists because the government program agreed by PP and Vox for the next four years represents a “historic setback” in rights and freedoms. In addition, he has asked him to govern through dialogue and consensus.

Also from the opposition, the spokesman for MÉS per Mallorca, Lluís Apesteguía, has congratulated Prohens, despite describing the popular agreement and Santiago Abascal’s party as a “historic error”.

The Vox spokeswoman, Idioia Ribas, has highlighted that the “times of progressive consensus have ended” and that it is time to “liberate” the Balearic Islands from the “nationalist oppression“While he has wished Prohens “many successes”, whom he has asked to “bravely apply the changes that our region needs”, despite the fact that the road will be “fraught with obstacles”.

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