Mañueco’s electoral whim throws the PP into the arms of Vox to govern Castilla y León

The advance of the elections explodes in the face of Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (31 seats and ten of the absolute majority), despite his triumphant entry into the hotel where his party celebrates the night of 13F.

The Popular Party candidate for the Presidency of the Board assures, in his first speech after knowing the result from Salamanca, that he is going to “dialogue with everyone” with the aim of forming “a government of all and for all.” He thus opens the door to a government also with the PSOE.

At the moment the socialist leader, Luis Tudanca, has preferred to drop the news of his possible resignation as general secretary of his party, instead of evaluating the option of agreeing with the popular ones.

Abascal demands the vice presidency

The one who has already made it clear that he will demand the vice presidency for Vox is the leader of the extreme right, Santiago Abascal, who has shown his chest with the results harvested in the elections in Castilla y León. In his appearance, he has made it clear that “Vox has the right and the duty to form a government” and has even ridiculed “what vice-presidential face Juan García-Gallardo is being given.”

Thus, Vox is not going to make things easy for Mañueco, while Tudanca prefers not to speculate on pact options with the PP. The popular leader paralyzed the Cortes, in the midst of a pandemic and with the rise of the sixth wave, to change the support of a moderate party, Ciudadanos, for the extreme right.

The media focus of a country has been, for the first and only time, aware of a depopulated community, which loses young people like no other region in Europe and which is also very old. However, this has not benefited the PP and has left the PSOE of Tudanca very touched, which is left with only 28 seats, compared to the 35 it achieved in the 2019 elections. Mañueco made a serious assessment error regarding its possibilities, which has led to an ungovernable situation.

The only good news for the popular party has been the electoral setback for the socialist Luis Tudanca, who reduced his support by seven prosecutors. The good harmony that he achieved with the leader of Ciudadanos, Francisco Igea, who today gets a testimonial seat, is going to be exchanged for a war against a party that has already proven capable of using all its artillery against the PP.

The Citizens’ Pact proposal

Ciudadanos, in the middle of the campaign, offered a three-way pact to prevent the extreme right from entering a government in Castilla y León. Neither those from Mañueco nor those from Tudanca considered this possibility at the time, and they will not do so unless forced by Génova and Ferraz. Mañueco, for the moment, throws the stone and hides his hand in the face of a possible pact with the PSOE, which popular sources confirm to Public“neither wants nor will accept”.

Only Isabel Díaz Ayuso campaigned to value a government with Vox. However, voices, such as that of the Galician president, Alberto Nuñez Feijoo, ruined this option.

The last word for Pablo Casado

It will be Pablo Casado who will have the last word before an ungovernable community. At the moment, tonight from Genoa they have only launched an “objective achieved” due to the insufficient victory of their leader in the elections.

Thus, an uncertain future is foreseen for a coalition government between the PP and Vox after the electoral result in which the popular candidate, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, will have to agree with the extreme right for the first coalition government with Vox in a executive in Spain or, what seems more likely, calling elections.

The comfortable governance that the PP had thanks to Ciudadanos, after Mañueco lost the elections in 2019 against the socialist Tudanca, has been blown up after the electoral call at a time when the polls gave the popular ones a comfortable absolute majority in Castilla y León. Vox (13 seats) has already warned the PP (31 seats) that it will not give up its attorneys so that the Junta de Castilla y León continues to govern.

Abascal established his price, which is none other than entering the regional government with a strong foot. These results lead the far-right party to demand the vice presidency, something unacceptable to Mañueco a priori and that would force him to call new elections if he does not reach an agreement with the PSOE.

Corruption does not take its toll on Mañueco

The PP corruption cases, which will have their leading role in the courts this spring, have not affected Mañueco, who has won two more seats than just three years ago. But the result gives him much lower citizen support than his predecessors in office had and that places him at the feet of Vox.

In fact, he has not even been affected by the open case in his hometown, Salamanca, for the alleged illegal financing that Mañueco orchestrated with trusted people in the party to achieve victory in the primaries that would lead him to be the president of the popular ones in Castilla y León and, therefore, be able to be the candidate for the presidency of the Community.

Luis Tudanca, the socialist leader, has not been able to revalidate his victory in the previous elections with only 28 prosecutors. The first and only in 35 years of popular governments. The three seats of Soria Ya and the three of the UPL -which has risen two seats- have subtracted the necessary votes to reach 35 seats in 2019.

The Emptied Spain with Soria fulfills its objective of entering the Cortes of Castilla y León with three seats, although it is far from the success predicted by the polls in other provinces.

Podemos, despite concurring for the first time with Izquierda Unida, loses support and seats again. In the absence of data on residents abroad, its leader Pablo Fernández would be left with a single attorney in the Cortes of Castilla y León.


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