Mañueco uses schoolboys to promote himself without parental consent

The electoral campaign is over, but at the current Government of the PP in Castilla y León still like them videos with boys and girls for self-promotion. It is the only way to understand how a ‘school event’ on the occasion of Europe Day -as recognized by the Board itself on its communication portal- became a promotional video of the president Alfonso Fernandez Manueco. So it happened in Salamanca.

The meeting between schoolchildren, held in the Plaza de la Concordia in Salamanca, aimed to render a sense tribute to the ukrainian people, so blue and yellow flags were distributed among the children. The children also formed a mosaic with the word ‘peace’ and read a statement about it. The one who was not in the program was Mañueco, but he moved to his land to star in the school act.

Close to 300 children from the public schools of Santa Catalina, Francisco de Vitoria, and the concerted Amor de Dios and Sagrada Familia attended the event, organized by the Europe Direct Center of the University of Salamanca and the Castilian and Leonese Council of the European Movement.

High temperatures

However, the children themselves – who had to be given water to cope with high temperatures– were encouraged to acclaim Mañueco with long live the presidentwho was in charge of posing with groups of schoolchildren, whose parents had signed a day before that close-ups of their children would not appear in an act in which they were unaware that the president of the community would appear.

In the letter signed by the parents, it was only specified that the children would be photographed from above so that they could not be identified. A commitment that was also not fulfilled.

“We would not have tolerated, if we had known, the participation of children”

In fact, not even the schools themselves knew that the act would become a promotion of the chairman of the board.“We were the first to be surprised”, they assure Public from the address of one of the participating schools.

As explained by this school management, “it was going to be a simple act, of support for ukraine and in favor of peace. As a school we would not have tolerated the participation of children in a political propaganda activity and less without notifying the parents”, they add.

Several fathers and mothers of the students also showed their indignation after having seen the images of their children in the media acclaiming Mañueco: “If I knew, I would not have given my daughter permission to go,” was the most repeated phrase this morning while the little ones entered the schools of the Charra capital.

These same parents, however, who protested so much in the schoolyard, did not present no written or formal complaint to the center when she felt that her children had been used for a promotional video of President Mañueco.


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