Mañueco replies to Robles: “If it bothers you that the UME works in Castilla y León, you just have to say so”

He asks Sánchez to leave the fires “out of the partisan battle” and admits that climatic anomalies also aggravate these fires

MADRID, July 28 (.) –

The president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, has responded this Thursday to the criticism of the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, because there are communities “that did not do their homework” to prevent fires and then ask the UME for help , replying that “if it bothers you that the UME works in Castilla y León, you just have to say so”.

This is how Mañueco pronounced himself at a press conference from Moncloa, after meeting the Chief Executive, Pedro Sánchez, when asked if he took for granted by these statements by the Minister of Defense, in which she has not made reference to any autonomous community in particular.

“I am surprised by the statements of the Minister of Defense, when I speak with her she tells me the opposite, that the UME is here to help. If it bothers you that the UME works in Castilla y León, you just have to say so, but that is not the perception that we have”, defended the autonomous president.

In this context, he specified that the UME “acts secondarily” in these fires, because, as he said, “who are in the front line of the fire are the members of the Junta de Castilla y León and the members of the Ministry of Transition Ecological”.

In any case, Mañueco has insisted on his request that a Conference of Presidents be held to coordinate on fire matters and has stressed his demand that the number of EMU troops be increased in Spain.


Likewise, Mañueco has revealed that he has addressed with Sánchez, in his meeting in La Moncloa, the matter related to the fires, and, as he has said, the Chief Executive and he have agreed that this issue has to be “left out” of partisan debate.

At this point, he has criticized that there are spokespersons in Castilla y León who are using, from his point of view, the wave of fires in this territory in a partisan way and has censored some statements by members of the Government in this regard.

On the main causes of these fires, Mañueco has admitted that, among them, are “climatic anomalies”, despite the fact that he has assured that the main cause is “the hand of man” and “recklessness”.

Here, he has reproached Sánchez for “in his statements it seems that there is climate change in some fires and in others, a lack of efficacy”.


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