Mañueco and Vox leave 21,000 families in Castilla y León without rental aid for months for challenging the Government

The citizens of Castile and Leon They are still waiting for the rental aid from the Board that corresponds to the year 2021. In fact, on this occasion there are more than 21,500 families (1,500 more than the previous year) who are still waiting for the resolution of their applications, made from July 2 to August 2 of last year and whose maximum period to complete the procedure was six months (in January of this year).

Nine months have passed since then and there is at least one more month due to the mandatory opening of that period to justify bank payments. Payments to applicants will only begin after review: no less than ten months after requesting it.

And it is that finally this May 3, the Minister of the Environment, Housing and Territorial Planning, the popular Juan Carlos Suarez-Quiñoneswill report on the resolution of the call for housing rental aid 2021, accompanied by the trade union and business representatives of the Social Dialogue.

In its day, the regional government announced that the aid would be paid in February, but the truth is that the call for elections in Mañueco and the blockade of the extreme right to constitute the Government have delayed the payment of this long-awaited service by Castilian families and lionesses.

Complaint from the youth of the community

In fact, already this past April, Young people from IU in Castilla y León They denounced that the call for rental aid promoted by the central government and that the Junta de Castilla y León must call had not been opened. “Much of our youth depends on these aids to be able to pay their rent and we cannot wait any longer,” they said in a statement.

Young people from IU in Castilla y León: “Much of our youth depends on these aids to be able to pay their rent”

In this regard, they also pointed out that the transfer of funds by the central government “has already been carried out” and denounced that the delay in this aid is due to the electoral call: “The electoral call that has brought the extreme right to the regional government It was irresponsible on his part. manueco and it has been demonstrated by the delay in these aids”.

Due to the delay caused by the Board, the Ministry of Development and Environment was forced to make an unusual communication in April with a provisional list -it was neither official nor definitive- so that those who applied for financial aid would know if they had been granted it or not, what the amount was and the reason for the denial .

Aid from the State Housing Plan

These subsidies are adjusted to the State Housing Plan and are carried out in coordination with the General State Administration or through the different state housing plans and the agreements signed between both Administrations for the execution and development of these plans in the Community. Once the first part of the call is closed, the Ministry will be able to pick up the applicants who have been left out and who meet the required requirements.

This type of aid is aimed at facilitating the enjoyment of a home on a rental basis. sectors of the population with limited economic meanssince they subsidize up to 40% of the monthly rent or can even reach 50% if the applicants are over 65 or under 35 years of age.

In addition, the assessment criteria included in the call establish the preference for those units of coexistence with lower income and higher number of members and the existence of minors under 16 years of age. The maximum income limit allowed to qualify for the subsidy ranges between 500 and 375 euros per month, intended for tenants who have a maximum income limit that is three times the Iprem (Public Indicator of Income for Multiple Effects) of 2020.


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