Mañueco acknowledges Vox’s ‘pro-life’ measures but assures that they will be “voluntary”

The President of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernandez Manueco, denies his vice president and assures that the anti-abortion measures announced by Juan García Gallardo will not be mandatory. “The woman who requests it will be able to listen to it,” said Manueco in relation to the fetal heartbeat. “The woman has to request it and there must be a situation of medical criteria”he insisted.

Mañueco has taken 48 hours to give explanations and has done so at the entrance of the convention to present the regional candidates of the PP in Zaragoza. The president of Castilla y León defended the ‘pro-life’ measures promoted by the extreme right, which were agreed with the Ministry of Health of his Government, and insisted that they are in line with what “has been applied for several months and years “to encourage birth.

According to the president of Castilla y León, with the new protocol it is sought that, “when a gynecologist considers that psychological support is needed”, he can refer pregnant women to this service without going through Primary Care. In the case of four-dimensional ultrasound, says Mañueco, the aim is to make them available in all provinces.

Regarding García Gallardo, Mañueco has avoided direct confrontation, despite denying him: “I am not the one who has to analyze words or intentionality. What I say is what there is. The facts are these: absolute freedom of women to choose, absolute respect to their rights, absolute respect for the rights of health workers”.

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