Manifestation “513 days of Ajvatovice”: Cavalrymen from Karaula set off for Prussia

As part of the celebration of the traditional cultural and religious manifestation “513 days of Ajvatovice”, this morning 89 horsemen set off from Karaula, not far from Turbet, in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. the central part of the event will be held on Sunday, reports Anadolija.

A total of 89 horsemen of different ages, dressed in traditional costumes, after learning excerpts from the Koran and a prayer recited by Džemail ef. Ibranović, set off towards the largest Muslim resting place in Europe, Ajvaz-deda’s rock in Prusac.

– Preservation of tradition –

The horsemen were sent off with appropriate speeches by Mufti of Travnik Ahmed ef.

Mufti Adilović reminded that “our good Bosniak people have cultivated this tradition for over 500 years”, pointing out the importance of preserving the tradition and identity of a nation.

Mufti Ahmed ef. Adilović said that a total of 285 horsemen will attend today’s parade through Donji Vakuf, as well as tomorrow’s central ceremony.

Riders dressed in traditional costumes, reciting takbirs and ilahi, with the first rays of the sun passed through the small town of Karaulu, while local residents saw them off from the windows of houses and courtyards and wished them a safe journey.

The passing of horsemen through the village and the overall accompanying ambience could momentarily bring the observers back to some bygone times. Several children also set off for Ajvatovica this morning on horses, which indicates that this tradition will be continued in the years to come.

– Euphoria among the locals –

Rasim Gradinčić, 71 years old, visits Ajvatovica every year. This morning, the Prussian started his journey in a carriage with his wife Đulsa.

“As it goes, I go, we’re always together. I’ve never been absent. I couldn’t not go, something is leading me, I’ve been preparing for this for a year. It’s always on my mind,” he said.

Dzeneta Pajić from Karaula (23) is visiting Ajvatovica with the cavalry for the first time, and as she told Anatolia, this is a family tradition.

“A great event and experience, euphoria can be felt in our house for a month earlier, as well as in the whole town of Karaula”, said Pajić.

Ernad Deljković is 13 years old and says he feels proud.

The horseman experiences the entire campaign emotionally, and today he has the horse “Kosan” with him.

– Meeting place of thousands of people –

On Sunday morning, horsemen will traditionally set off in front of the Handanaga mosque in Prusac towards Ajvaz-deda’s rock. After that, the bajraktari will be called. After passing through the rock and reciting the prayer, a festive event program will be held on the Ajvatovice plateau.

Ajvatovica is the largest Muslim settlement in Europe and one of the oldest in BiH. It is deeply rooted in the identity of Bosniaks. It is located at the foot of the Šuljaga mountain and seven kilometers from the old town of Prusac. Ajvatovica is a feature of Bosnian Muslims, because it has an autochthonous character.

It is not known for sure when the first expedition to Ajvatovica took place, but it is known that Ajvatovica was named after Ajvaz-deda, an Islamic scholar and dervish who came to Bosnia in the 15th century from what is now Turkey. After 1947, the holding of Ajvatovica was prohibited, and the tradition was restored in 1990. The jubilee, 500th event was held in June 2010.

Ajvaz Dedo, a dervish and Islamic scholar who settled in the area of ​​today’s Prusac in the 15th century, after a long drought in this place, spent 40 days and 40 nights praying for water on the rocky area above the kasaba. According to legends about Ajvaz-deda, on the fortieth night after arriving at the dovište, the rock split, and water flowed out of it, which even today visitors to Ajvaz Deda’s rock have the opportunity to taste.

Today, Ajvatovica is a meeting place for tens of thousands of Muslims from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region, Europe and Asia.

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