Manchu Manoj Marriage: Mohan Babu’s younger son got married for the second time. Check those rumors

Movie hero Manchu Manoj has started his married life again. He married Bhuma Mounika Reddy. Bhuma Mounika Reddy is the second daughter of late couple Bhuma Nagireddy and Sobha Reddy. This is also her second marriage. Manoj and Maunik’s wedding ceremony was held in a grand manner on Friday night at Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna’s house in Filmnagar, Hyderabad. Around 8.30 pm, Manoj put a trident on Maunika’s neck and invited her into his life as his wife.

Full stop to rumours

The news of Manchu Manoj’s second marriage has been doing the rounds in the media and social media for the past four to five days. Details have come out that Manoj and Maunika’s wedding will take place on March 3. Mehendi and sangeet programs will be held on 1st and 2nd. At the same time, another news was loud in the media. Originally, Mohan Babu did not want this wedding.. Bhuma Mounika Reddy is the daughter of TDP leader Bhuma Nagireddy, so Mohan Babu is not ready to accept her as his daughter-in-law.. That’s why he will not attend their wedding either.. There are various rumors. However, all that has been proved to be untrue today. Mohan Babu celebrated the second wedding of his youngest son. The newlyweds were blessed.

A lovely new couple

A lovely new couple

Manchu Manoj divorced his first wife Pranathi Reddy in 2019. Since then there has been a lot of discussion about whether he should remarry. Even his fans used to ask the same question on social media, ‘When will Anna get married again’? After all, Manoj chose Bhuma Mounika Reddy as his life partner. Actually this couple is very cute. Manoj and Maunika are especially shining in their wedding clothes. Manchu Manoj looked gorgeous in a golden silk kurta and dhoti. Mounika looked beautiful in a green and pink silk saree.

Lakshmi Prasanne’s wedding is big

Lakshmi Prasanne's wedding is big

Although Mohan Babu and his elder son Vishnu are in Hyderabad, it is reported that Manchu’s elder sister Lakshmi Prasanna has attended Manoj’s wedding. All the wedding work was done under her supervision. After all, the wedding also took place in her house. Lakshmi Prasanna got everyone’s attention by conducting her younger brother’s second wedding. That’s why, Manoj also posted on social media thanking his sister for taking care of all her work. He expressed his love for his elder sister by saying that he was born as your younger brother.

In the presence of relatives..

In the presence of relatives..

Manoj and Maunika’s wedding ceremony was attended by Atu Manchu family members and Atu Bhuma Nagireddy family members. Apart from the members of these two families, family friends, close friends and industry friends also participated in the wedding ceremony. Manoj and Maunika were wearing talambras after getting the three nails done, while all the family members were working for the cameras. They captured these sweet moments on their smartphones.

Akhilapriya couple in attendance

Akhilapriya couple in attendance

Bhuma Nagireddy’s elder daughter Akhilapriya and her husband Bhargava Ram participated in the wedding ceremony of Manoj and Maunika and blessed the newly weds. Along with this couple, Bhuma’s family members took a family photo with the new couple. In this photo, the new bride Maunika is seen holding her sister’s hand. This is also the second marriage of Maunika. She was previously married to Bangalore-based businessman Ganesh Reddy. After the birth of their son, they separated from Ganesh due to selfish reasons.

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