Man arrested after driving his car into Downing Street

A car has crashed this Thursday against the doors that block access to Downing Street, where the office and official residence of the British Prime Minister is located. The man driving the vehicle has been arrested for “criminal damage” and “dangerous driving”.

The incident happened around 4:20 p.m. local time (3:20 p.m. GMT) and has not caused any injuries. The vehicle collided with the fence that closes off access to the London street where several government buildings and the residences of the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister are located.

At that time there were many people circulating in the area, especially officials who had completed their workday.

The event is being investigated by the local Westminster District Police and The security forces rule out that it is a terrorist act.

“The incident is being dealt with by local officers in Westminster and is not being treated as terrorism related at this time,” London’s Metropolitan Police said in a statement.

The BBC network has broadcast images of the car, a silver utility vehicle, at the moment it crosses the street in the direction of Downing Street driving at low speedwhich is further reduced before hitting the gate.

The television also showed a photo of the suspect handcuffed and escorted by police officers. It is a white man, apparently middle-aged, wearing a light colored T-shirt.

The Downing Street gate is closed to unauthorized public and guarded by armed police, who carry out airport-type security checks on those who have permission to enter.

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