Mahit Narayan: Elder’s wife sells property and remarries: Chakri’s younger brother Mahit

Chakri, who started his career as a music director with the movie ‘Bachi’, rose up step by step. Especially the films ‘Idiot (Idiot), Amma Nanna O Tamil Girl, Deshamuduru’ directed by Puri Jagannath were popular with their excellent music. He died suddenly at the age of 39 due to a heart attack in 2014 when his career was going smoothly. But after Chakri’s death, quarrels arose between his family members and his wife regarding property. For a few days this matter was in the media.. after that everyone forgot. Meanwhile.. Chakri’s younger brother Mahit Narayan (Mahit Narayan) is now making films as a music director. He has recently set up his own studio. In the latest interview, he revealed many things about Chakri’s wife Sravani.

Chakri promoted his younger brother Mahit Narayan as a music director while he was still alive. At the same time, Mahit made a movie called ‘Love You Bangaram’. But he said that when my elder brother was alive, my father sold all the properties in the town one by one and bought properties here with his elder brother. He said that all those properties are now on hold and some of them have been registered in his name by his elder brother’s wife. He revealed that they literally had nothing. Mahit said that since then he started small works and led his life.
Ravanasura Censor: ‘A’ certificate for ‘Ravanasura’.
‘They no longer have relations with Annayya Chakri’s wife, she remarried and settled happily in America. Mutual understanding could not be reached regarding transfer of properties. Attempts at settlement between the older men resulted in clashes every time. We decided to settle it in court. After she sold and left, the court has stayed the rest of the property. And I also put all those quarrels aside and focused on my career. Now I am doing my work and I am calm.’

Mahit said that C-Studios (C Studios) has recently been set up so that Chakri’s name can be associated with it. I opened this studio with the intention of having a carafe for those who want to give me a chance to contact me. It will also be useful for me to work on my own as I cannot go anywhere due to physical disability,’ said Mahit. As far as his career is concerned, Mahit, who has worked in the films ‘Love You Bangaram, Nenorakam, Ramappa, Reddygarintlo Rowdyism’, has provided music for the recently released film ‘Pariri’.

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