Magnum joins forces with Gaming House Media to promote ‘Girls & Gaming’, a project to make female players visible

MADRID, May 9. (Portaltic/EP) –

The Magnum ice cream brand, owned by Unilever, has teamed up with the specialized eSports company Gaming House Media to support the launch of ‘Girls & Gaming’ (G&G), a project with which they intend to give visibility to women in the world of the video game.

This agreement has been carried out by Havas International and its transmedia content accelerator Bridges_ which, together with Magnum, seek to contribute to the elimination of gender stereotypes in the ‘gamer’ world, according to the company in a statement sent to Europe Press.

To this end, a total of seven content creators have been selected, who will live together for nine months in the same house, a ‘content hub’, a place where they will generate exclusive content through their Twitch channel.

These seven ‘streamers’ selected by Magnum, Bridges_HavasInternational and Gaming House Media are Gemita, Mayichi, Paracetamor, Nia, Lazypopa, Zeling and Gonsabella who, together, amass millions of followers on their respective Twitch channels.

“From Magnum we are committed to all those experiences that are guided by passion and enjoyment, and this new initiative seems to us to bring together all these elements and, in addition, help to break stereotypes”, said the Brand Manager of Magnum in Spain Almudena Moreno.

Moreno has insisted that “all this will happen in a 100 percent digital and interactive environment”, key elements of the current disruptive reality, which allows them to “connect with the younger generations”.

For its part, the objective of Bridges_HavasInternational is to foster the connection between brands and their audience. “For this reason, adventures like G&G’s not only provide a unique opportunity. They offer the possibility of integrating ourselves into the culture and daily life of a Twitch generation. An audience that lives with their idols in formats that can only be found in a such a unique and versatile platform”, pointed out the Entertainment & Transmedia Producer at Bridges_ (Transmedia Content Accelerator) of Havas Media International, Abel Delgado.

Finally, from Gaming House Media they have shown their full support for Magnum. “We are happy to be able to help the brand in an environment as different as gaming and we believe that associating with our content creators is a safe value so that their message reaches new audiences in an organic and fun way”, has mentioned the CEO of the company, Carlos García Acevedo.

To announce the welcome of Magnum, a presentation video has been prepared and will be published shortly on the profiles of the hostesses, both on Twitter and Instagram. With this project, continuity is given to Magnum’s continued commitment to digital communication.

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