Maduro reiterates promise to recover 100% schools and high schools

Nicolás Maduro insisted that Venezuela has “the best electoral system in the world.” He also assured that citizens are preparing to defend Essequibo and the electoral battle.

As part of the start of classes, this Monday, October 2, once again President Nicolás Maduro promised to recover “100% of the country’s schools and high schools.”

in your program With Maduro +, the Venezuelan ruler highlighted that 8,824,000 boys, girls and young people started the 2023-2024 school year. He also detailed that 28,304 educational centers, public and private entities, opened their doors to receive students, “which represents 80% of free, quality, scientific and humanistic public education and the remaining 20% ​​in different modalities of schools and private education,” he said.

According to Maduro, when former President Hugo Chávez began to govern, schooling reached 50%. “Public schools and high schools were destroyed, public education was destroyed, it did not even reach 40% of public establishments and they were also privatized.” He assured that Chávez put an end to that. «With the Constitution we guarantee totally public and free education, but also of scientific and humanistic quality.

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On the other hand, he reiterated that Venezuela has “the best electoral system in the world, that of the National Electoral Council (CNE) (…) Of 29 elections we have won 27 through the middle street.

He also assured “that the people are preparing to defend Essequibo, the peaceful, democratic, constitutional electoral battle. “Our people are preparing to express their sovereignty, their truth,” Maduro emphasized.

During the program he also claimed to be a victim of alleged censorship by the media and on social networks. “They have censored us so that the people do not see (…) They refuse to see the people and that is why they are surprised when elections come,” said the ruler.

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