Maduro and Capriles exchange insults on social media

The president Nicolás Maduro referred to the candidate for the primaries for the Primero Justicia party as a “ghost” that “makes you laugh”.

From his official account at TwitterNicolás Maduro attacked Henrique Capriles, candidate for the primaries for the First Justice party.

«Ghost I told you and ghost you stayed, but instead of scaring you laugh. The people know you: you supported the guarimbas, guaidoismo (referring to Juan Guaidó) and the sanctions. Now you intend to encourage economic warfare again. We are not going to allow it, Venezuela respects itself!” said the president in a message published on Tuesday, July 11.

During his program “Con Maduro +” broadcast this Monday, July 10, the president stated that Capriles “aims at the economic war” and accused him of lying about the food supply in the country.

«Henrique Capriles, you aim at your goals, you want to hurt the economy. We have a 95% supply at the national level, with national products and complementary imports,” he said.

Capriles did not remain silent and responded to Nicolás Maduro’s accusations, also making use of his social networks: “Maduro, the only ghost that we Venezuelans know are the promises that you never fulfilled from your government, which is the worst in history. And you also want to finish burying democracy, “he said.

In the same message, he urged Maduro to “acknowledge” his failure: “Recognize that you failed and you will continue to fail. There is no way you can recover the economy and well-being of the Venezuelan family.”

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