Macron suggests creating a “European political community” to facilitate the annexation of countries like Ukraine to the EU

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, has proposed this Monday establish a “European political community”. The president has suggested the creation of this new route to facilitate the integration of countries that share the values ​​of the European Union such as Ukraine, a territory whose incorporation into the European space cannot wait due to its situation with its Russian neighbor. “The European Union, taking into account its level of integration, cannot be the only way to structure the European continent in the short term,” Macron stresses.

Macron’s device will open the doors to “those who have left” in reference to the departure of his neighbor United Kingdom

The recent winner in the French presidential elections has pointed out in his speech before the European Parliament that “Ukraine, for its struggle and courage, is already a heart member of our Europeof our family”. However, the progressive French has stressed that “we must be realistic and we all know that the accession process will take several years, and actually several decades”.

However, Macron has not only referred to Ukraine, but also to the situation with the candidates Moldova, Georgia or the Balkanswhich have been on the waiting list for quite some time, “forces us to rethink our geography and the organization of our continent”.

The French president has indicated that “we must reflect on how to guarantee European unity and stabilitywithout weakening the integration” achieved within the international community itself.

For this reason, the president proposes as a response a “new European organization” that allows “the democratic European nations that are associated with our base of values ​​to find a new space for political and security cooperation” and in other areas such as energy, transport or movement of people.

To this proposal, Macron has also added that the device would open the doors “to those who have gone” in reference to the United Kingdom in its departure due to Brexit. The French president’s proposal will be consulted in the coming months by the rest of the European governments to outline his initiative.

Possible reform of European treaties

The French president was also “favorable” to reform the EU treaties, an issue that he indicated will be discussed next June at the summit of the Twenty-seven.

According to Macron, the reform should serve, among other things, so that many of the current decisions, which require the unanimity of the Member States, can be adopted by qualified majority to establish greater solidarity and “clarify the goals of our institutions.”

The reform will incorporate the objectives of the European institutions such as growth, full employment, social justice or action against climate change.

Macron supports Ukraine with humanitarian and military aid

The head of the French Executive has also reiterated his support for “Ukraine and the Ukrainian people” with humanitarian and military aid. For this reason, he points out that the objective is “to stop this war as quickly as possible”, preserve peace and “avoid any form of escalation”.

Macron insists that “we are not at war against Russia”, but he defends that the Europeans ask for the territorial integrity of Ukraine, which is the one who alone is responsible for defining “the conditions of negotiation” with Moscow.


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