Macron conveys to Elon Musk the need for Twitter to comply with European moderation regulations

MADRID, Dec. 3 (.) –

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, has held a meeting with the owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, to whom he has informed that the platform must comply with European regulations for content moderation and protection of freedom of expression.

“I will say it here, on Twitter, because it is about the blue bird. This afternoon I met with Elon Musk and we have had a clear and sincere discussion,” the French president detailed in a message on the social network, listing a series of agreements.

“Transparent user policies, significant reinforcement of content moderation and protection of freedom of expression: Twitter must strive to comply with European regulations,” Macron stressed after his meeting with the billionaire.

In this sense, Musk has confirmed the participation of Twitter in the Christchurch Call to Action Summit, a political summit in which more than 120 governments, Internet service matrices and civil society organizations that act together to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content on social media.

Meanwhile, Musk has confirmed to Macron that Twitter will work with European entities to improve the protection of children on the Internet.

However, the French president and the also CEO of Tesla and SpaceX have shared their intentions to decarbonize and reindustrialize France and Europe.

“With Elon Musk I have exchanged views on future green industrial projects, such as the manufacture of electric vehicles and batteries,” Macron detailed.

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