Luno, the dog held in Barajas and that they want to deport

Luno is a dog that came to Spain last March 14 with its owner since Costa Rica. But yesand he was denied entry into the country for not having a microchip. The pet has been held ever since in the Baraja’s airport.

PACMA explained this Monday that the competent authorities informed the owner the proposal to euthanize the dog, before which the Animalist Party has taken legal action to avoid it. At the moment the airport insists on deporting himbut there is no one who could pick it up in the country of origin.

The problem comes because the microchip is not compulsory in many countries of Latin America, including Costa Rica, but in the Spanish state. For this reason, customs questions whether the health card is really from Lunoalthough the owner points out that “it is a healthy dog ​​with an updated and complete health certificate”.

PACMA denounces that the Department of agriculture and the General Subdirectorate of Sanitary Agreements and Border Control they are not “applying the legislation”, as reported to this newspaper. “It is not that there is a legal vacuum, but that There is already a regulation that contemplates possible solutions for when these things happen.

There are protocols so that the dog can stay in Spain

Party sources have also added that the anti-rabies protection protocols and the insertion of the microchip can be carried out so that he can stay in Spain. In addition, they have also pointed out that neither restriction nor sacrifice are legally protected options.

The animal’s basic needs are being taken care of by airport personnel, but, according to PACMA, “it is isolated like merchandise and without contact with its owner or any other known person.”

legal team

PACMA’s legal services continue to await a response to the appeal filed. Monica Olivarescollaborator of the party’s legal team, is the one who is handling the case together with Tamara Diaz.

Olivares is also a representative of the Association for the Ethical and Responsible Management of Abandoned Animals (AGERAA). For his part, Díaz has experience in a similar case that occurred at the Prat airport.


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