Lula launches this Saturday his candidacy for the Brazilian presidential elections boosted by the polls

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva will present his candidacy for the Brazilian presidential elections this Saturday. Lula da Silva, who is running as the favorite in the polls, He will run as a candidate at the polls five months before the elections, competing against his rival, Jair Bolsonaro.

The leader of the Workers’ Party (PT) will launch his electoral campaign this Saturday confirming his candidacy. The event will be held at a convention center in Sao Paulo, away from the traditional left-wing boxes in which he used to organize his events. Lula da Silva will be accompanied by his partner and former political opponent with conservative ideas, Geraldo Alckmin.

The favorite former president in the polls intends to calm the market and the business world, therefore, he is reluctant with the figure of the former trade unionist and Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, who had extended a hand to his rival. The polls reveal Lula as the favorite, the candidate who had regained his political rights by decision of the Supreme Court. Lula was unable to participate in the 2018 elections after a conviction for corruption and 580 days in jail, sentence that was revoked by the Supreme Court.

The former president has 44% of the support, an advantage of approximately 15% over his rival Bolsonaro, with 31%. Despite this advantage, the PT asks to remain cautious because Bolsonaro’s popularity has gradually increased in recent months.

Although the Brazilian head of state has assured that he will keep his role active in the polls, he has been fanning the specter of electoral fraud for some time, trailing in the footsteps of former US President Donald Trump. However, Bolsonaro has expressed his mistrust of electronic voting, established in the country since 1996, when he announced that the Liberal Party will hire an audit of the elections. “I want to guarantee Lula’s election”Bolsonaro came to ironize in the statement made the day before and broadcast on his social networks.

Lula’s verbal slips

Lula, after the weight of five decades of politics behind him, has always fled from scripts, an issue on which the former president has always resorted to improvisation. However, it is speculated that the former president could read a speech in the act of his candidacy, an unusual practice during his political career.

Lula da Silva: “Bolsonaro does not like people, the police do”

The former president, pressured by friendly fire, It has received several criticisms in recent weeks among his own allies. Lula had had a series of verbal slips that could compromise the votes of the most conservative sectors.

Lula has openly defended abortion, a sensitive issue in Brazil. The progressive leader has also been forced to apologize for expressing that “Bolsonaro doesn’t like people, he likes the police.”

Critics have questioned Lula’s attitude when jumping into the electoral field, who also believe that the former president is addressing his public instead of the rest of the citizens to defeat Bolsonaro.


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