Lula da Silva starts his government in Brazil with a focus on human rights

Eliminate Bolsonarism. In less than four days in the presidency, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has launched a fight against the legacy of the authoritarian regime that he ruled until December 31. Without giving rest to the extreme right, he has announced a series of measures, especially in the area of ​​human rights, through his ministers.

The agent of the workers party (PT) was this Tuesday at the Planalto Palacewhere the registration has not yet been completely completed to detect the latest generation microphones that it would have planted Jair Bolsonaro before leaving the country to settle for a time in the south of USA.


Other inspections are carried out at the official residences of Alvorada and Jaburúwhere neither Lula nor his vice president have yet moved, Geraldo Alckminfearing that they are infected with all kinds of electronic espionage systems. While waiting to settle in Jaburú’s residence, Alckmin has assumed his position this Wednesday as Minister of Development, Industry and Trade, position that will share with that of vice president.

“It is time for union and reconstruction, as dictated by our government motto, we are going to work towards the reindustrialization of Brazil,” proposed the centrist Alckmin, a member of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB) of the former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

From the reconciliation between Lula and his old adversaries, Cardoso and Alckmin, the coalition led by the PT was put together that defeated Bolsonarismo in the October elections. Of course, this electoral victory has only been the first step in the fight against the fascism entrenched in society and the state under the government of the ultra-right leader.

Human rights

Bolsonaro has been obsessed throughout his tenure with vindicating the dictatorship, for which he instituted the celebration in military units of March 31, the day of the coup. In addition, he intended to erase the collective memory of the murders and disappearances that occurred in the years of lead. For this he has tried”disassemble and destroy“all the organizations in charge of keeping the memory of what happened, says the new Minister of Human Rights, the Afro-descendant philosopher Silvio Almeida.

One of the first measures to make up for lost time, Almeida has announced, will be to reactivate the secretariat in charge of financially compensating the victims of prisons and torture during the dictatorship.

“I have received a devastated ministry” by its previous headline, Damares Alvesdenounces Almeida, who in his speech has called the Ministers of Justice “brothers”, flavio dinoand the new head of Racial Equality, anielle francosister of the murdered councilwoman, Marielle Franco.

Responsible for the scrapping of human rights, the former minister Damares Alves belongs to the close circle of Bolsonaro and his wife, Michelle Bolsonaro. The pastor related to the millionaire evangelical Zionist sects in the United States, Alves, used religious pulpits to denounce the coronavirus vaccine and attack the right to abortion of raped girls.


The forty-minute speech delivered by Almeida had quotes or references to the assassinated North American leader Martin Luther King Already Luis Gamaa black lawyer who managed to free hundreds of people from slavery in the 19th century.

Almeida’s words, delivered on Tuesday, have received a standing ovation during the inaugurations of the new government officials. In the most applauded moment, when some of the attendees came to tears, Almeida has expressed, “workers and workers of Brazil you exist and are valuable to us. Women of Brazil you exist and are valuable to us. Black and black men and women you exist and are valuable to us. Indigenous peoples of this country, you exist and are valuable to us.”

Almeida has denounced the “structural racism” that has survived from the colony and said that one cannot turn one’s back on exclusion if one wants to “rebuild” democracy. In addition, he praises the “commitment of President Lula” who in his cabinet gave testimony of respect for diversity, appointing five Afro-descendant ministers and 11 female ministers, the highest number in the country’s history, in addition to the first indigenous minister, Sonia Guajajara.

raise secrets

Bolsonaro commanded a government dominated by generals who had the support of some six thousand soldiers entrenched in ministries, local authorities and public companies. Next to the militarization of the statethe authoritarian policies of the Bolsonarismo obstructed the work of the press, even with intimidation, they violated the law on access to information and, most seriously, they promulgated decrees to keep sensitive data secret for a hundred years.

This is information about alleged maneuvers in the Ministry of Health and activities of the president’s children in the Planalto Palace where everything indicates that he was setting up an illegal structure to disseminate fake news and intimidation campaigns against opponents.

Appointed by Lula, the new head of the Comptroller General of the Union, the minister Vinicius Carvalhohas announced that in the next 30 days it will decide what “sigils” they will be eliminated. During Bolsonarism “there was an indiscriminate use of stealth under the pretext of guaranteeing national security. There is no democracy or sovereignty without a transparent State“says Carvalho.

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