Lula announces his last ministers and reserves for the PT the key posts of his most multi-party government

MADRID, Dec. 29 (.) –

Three days after his inauguration, the president-elect of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, has announced the last names that will be part of his new cabinet for the next four years, in which the presence of up to nine different political forces stands out. although his, the Workers’ Party (PT), has reserved the main spaces of power in the Planalto.

Lula has confirmed this Thursday some of the names that have been ringing throughout these weeks, such as those of the senator Simone Tebet for Planning, the deputy Marina Silva, who returns to lead the Environment portfolio fourteen years later, and the of Sonia Guajajara as Minister of Indigenous Peoples.

“After intense work, after many adjustments, we have just finished the government rung,” Lula said from the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center, where transition work took place that had taken longer than expected due to to the difficulties it has had in satisfying both traditional political allies and improvised ones.

Among the latter are Tebet’s Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB), the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and Unión Brasil, formations that oscillate between centrist and more conservative positions in their ideological framework. In total, these three forces, which in theory did not support Lula, will have eight ministries.

Compared to the first two Lula governments, this time the PT will have fewer ministries, ten, although it will maintain key portfolios, such as Finance, Education, Social Development, and those that occupy the headquarters of the Planalto, such as Casa Civil, the General Secretariat and Social Communication.

With these latest appointments, the composition of Lula’s new government remains the most fragmented of the three, with up to nine parties represented and eleven independents, which together make up 51 percent of the Chamber of Deputies and 55 percent of the Senate. , although not all will give their support.

That is the most marked difference with the previous cabinets, in which the parties of the left stood out almost exclusively. A trend towards the center now that seems to comply not only with Lula’s campaign promises, but also with the various pacts he made with formerly enemy parties in order to gather the necessary support to defeat Bolsonaro.

Likewise, Lula’s new government is also the most equal compared to the previous two, with up to eleven women for the five and four previous terms. However, the figure is less than half men, 26.

One of these women is Simone Tebet, whose position in this government has been the constant source of rumors and speculation. She finally assumes Planning, after seeing her aspirations for the Environment and above all Social Development frustrated. Her party, the MDB, gets Cities and Transport.

Agriculture, Mines and Energy, and Fisheries are the ministries that will lead the PSD, while the other conservative force in the new cabinet, Unión Brasil, remains with the National Integration, Tourism and Communications portfolios.

On the other hand, with a view to the inauguration that will take place this Sunday in Brazil, Lula da Silva has invited “everyone” to attend, guaranteeing that there will be no “riots”, in a context of recognized concern among his team for security at the event in the face of the latest strong and violent protests.

“Don’t worry, there won’t be riots. Those who have lost the elections, stay put, and those who have won, have the right to have a great popular party here in Brasilia,” Lula said during the presentation of his last ministers at the headquarters of the Bank of Brazil Cultural Center.

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