Lukashenko rules out decreeing a mobilization of the population of Belarus due to the war in Ukraine

MADRID, Sep. 23 (.) –

The president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has ruled out the possibility of decreeing a mobilization of the population for the war in Ukraine, after his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, announced on Wednesday a “partial mobilization” to try to incorporate about 300,000 people to the Armed Forces.

“There will be no mobilization. We are not going to mobilize. It is a lie,” said the Belarusian president, who stressed that Minsk will respond to any attempt to threaten security in the country, as reported by the Belarusian news agency BelTA .

Likewise, the Belarusian Foreign Minister, Vladimir Makei, stressed during the day that Minsk is not in favor of the war, although he has said that “it is not a traitor either”. “There are references to Belarus as an accomplice of the aggressor or even as a party to the conflict. We said and continue to say that Belarus has never defended the war, but we are not traitors,” he argued.

“We have commitments with the allies and we are strictly following them and we will respect the spirit and the letter of the international treaties to which we are a party,” he stressed. “Belarus responsibly declares that no Belarusian soldiers or pieces of equipment were sent to Ukraine to take part in hostilities,” he added.

Makei has therefore pointed out that “independent experts from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) confirm that Belarus is not part of an international armed conflict” and has denounced that “all accusations against Belarus by the West are absolutely unfounded.”

The Secretary of State of the Security Council of Belarus, Aleksander Volfovich, already denied on Wednesday that the mobilization announcement made by Putin affects the European country. “The mobilization does not apply to us,” Volfovich said, noting that the country will remain prepared “to fight back” in the event of a threat.

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