Luis Enrique: “I feel much better managing problems”

MADRID, 26 Nov. (.) –

The Spanish coach, Luis Enrique Martínez, has assured that this Sunday’s match against Germany is “a great test” to show that they are not going “to speculate or play differently”, and has confessed that he is “much better managing problems”. .

“I feel much better managing problems, I’m such an asshole. I feel more comfortable when you have to raise the morale of a team, when you have to make your race come out and what you are, your essence, that’s where my Asturian vein comes out and from Gijón. Throughout my career as a coach I have had very good moments, but in the bad times, when they want to sink me the most, is when my nerves come out. I prefer to manage this little week, which has been very pleasant, but where I am from truth is in difficulties,” he declared at a press conference.

Regarding the duel against the Germans, he explained that it is “a great test” to show what they aspire to. “It is a great test for us, because in such an important event against a favorite team to win the World Cup and in a complicated situation, it helps us to show that we are not going to speculate or play differently,” he said.

“You can win all three group games and be eliminated in the round of 16. We have approached it as if it were the round of 16; when we reach the round of 16 it will be all meat or fish. This competition does not reward regularity, it rewards being well at key moments” he added.

The Asturian coach also stated that they have tried to manage the euphoria after the win against Costa Rica (7-0) “in the most normal way.” “It was a game and three points, nothing more. We must not go overconfident. Germany meets all the requirements for there to be no confidence, this group is very intelligent to know that this rival requires our full attention and everyone’s our efforts,” he said. “You always hope for the best when you’re going to debut, but I didn’t expect such a powerful version of the team,” he confessed.

“Everything came out well, we managed to minimize a good team. We focused on what we can do to come out as well as possible, be at the exact point of motivation, and take the game to where I think we can be better than Germany. If we convert the game in a crazy thing, it will be very difficult. There are many variables that will only be cleared when the ball rolls”, he said, remembering that “what reigns in current football is equality”.

In addition, he insisted that they are going to face a “four-time world champion”, but that this will not make them go for all. “You look at his shirt and see four stars. In my time, there was a lot of difference in terms of physical level. At a football level, Spain is right now at the level of the greats; in the FIFA ranking we are ahead. If anyone knows how to compete, it’s Germany. A lot of respect for the players, who are ‘top’ level, and for their history, but we are convinced that we can beat Germany”, he said.

“Germany always plays attacking. It is true that the need for the first result can condition, but it is a team that tries to put pressure on the opposite field, that tries to always have the ball… It is, without a doubt, the team that is most similar to Spain. It’s a very nice challenge, because we have the same objectives of dominating the match. It’s going to be an open match in which we’ll see which of the two teams manages to win”, he pointed out, before talking about the stumble of Hansi Flick’s men against Japan (1-2). “You never know what is best. The important thing was to control what we could control and win the first game. Now the important thing is to win the second game, which can surely give us the qualification,” he continued.

In another order of things, Luis Enrique assured that “he does not” have “a selected eleven”. “As a rule, I don’t usually repeat elevens, but everything starts from a very clear idea: when you have the blind confidence that I have in my players, the eleven is the least of it. The eleven is not important, but the 16 players who are going to participate The alignment worries me zero, the 16 that are going to participate are going to give the highest level”, he stressed. “The rival has to do, but I don’t make the lineups based on the rival,” he said.

On the other hand, he acknowledged that his decision to use Rodri as a central defender could “change” as against the ‘ticos’. “Germany has a lot of mobility, which if we know how to control it can be very beneficial for us, but if we don’t manage to control it it can become a dangerous weapon for them. It is a team with the same principles as us”, he analyzed.

Lastly, he praised Gavi’s career. “The most surprising thing for everyone is that someone who has just turned 18 can have the self-confidence that they have and compete as they compete. You have to look at the intelligence they have when it comes to positioning themselves, in their individual quality, in their ambition, in their anger, in his work, in his physical capacity despite being tiny… You have to go little by little, but no one doubts that he can be a player who can mark an era”, he concluded.

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