Los Angeles Horoscope: What is the advice to achieve prosperity this Thursday, June 22

The angels and archangels manifest themselves in many ways and at various times. Open your heart and fill yourself with the energy that they emanate when you call on them to give thanks or to illuminate your path.


Archangel Phanuel

Opportunities and abundance are in your hands, you just have to firmly overcome obstacles to move forward. The angel Fanuel guides you with his divine light on the path of good.


Archangel Caphael

What you work with so much effort will pay off, you just have to be patient and understand that everything has its time. Ask the angel Caphael to take you by the hand on the path of goodness and illuminate you with his divine light.


Archangel Amiel

Rejoice because you managed to achieve a goal to be in harmony with yours. There is still a lot to solve, but the most important thing is the union of all. Invoke the angel Amiel to give you that peace of mind you need to move forward.


Archangel Zuriel

If you feel happy where you are, don’t change it for something that will steal your energy. Listen to your intuition and you will see that everything will turn out well. You are the strength and the angel Zuriel will be by your side to get you up when you feel like you can’t.


Archangel Zaliel

You have challenges and difficult situations in life that you need to go through to move forward. Perseverance will lead you to success. When you feel like you can’t, invoke the angel Zaliel that his light will help you face everything that is necessary.


Archangel Yehoel

Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by negative thoughts, change your mind and your energy, which is the only thing that can help you move towards success. The angel Yejoel is with you to lift you up when you need it most.


Archangel Verchiel

You have a dream to fulfill, but fear does not let you move forward. Face reality and get ahead because the future is loaded with success. Invoke the angel Verchiel to fill you with positive energy to continue.


Archangel Requiel

You have to trust yourself more, recognize that you are the person capable enough to take on the challenge. Trust yourself that you will make it. Invoke the angel Requiel to enlighten you and help you with his wisdom.


Archangel Omael

We all fail at some point in life, the important thing is to get up and continue. You can do it, so go ahead. The angel Omael is by your side to help you achieve peace and harmony.


Ophaniel the Archangel

You need a change in your life that fills you with enthusiasm to process everything that has hurt you. It’s up to you to heal or continue in the dark. Ofaniel is the angel that protects you and gives you wisdom to continue and achieve your goals.


Archangel Jariel

Always leave enough time in your life to do something that makes you happy, fulfills you, and brings you joy. When everything is in harmony, conflicts are put aside and everything flows. Ask the angel Jariel to enlighten you to move forward.


Archangel Akaia

When you receive abundance with gratitude and emotion, it stays in your life. It is your positive attitude that makes everything flow on the road. Invoke the angel Akaia who will support you so that you get the truth and love in your heart.

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