Los Angeles horoscope and the positive attitude to move towards prosperity this Monday, November 20

Angels and archangels manifest themselves in many ways and at different times, open your heart and fill yourself with the energy that they emanate when you invoke them to thank them or to illuminate your path.


Archangel Barachiel

You have to look within yourself for that spirituality that will comfort you in moments of greatest need and help you move forward. Barachiel is the angel who will help you find your true identity.


Archangel Gabriel

Creativity, inspiration and self-confidence will help you successfully advance the goals you set for yourself in life. Ask the angel Gabriel to remove those negative thoughts from your mind in peace and purity.


Archangel Hanael

You are under a lot of pressure and stress due to all the financial difficulties you are going through. Everything will be solved if you have a positive attitude. Ask the angel Hanael to help you find calm so that your mind can reflect and find a solution.


Archangel Adnachiel

To achieve harmony and peace in your environment, you must have a positive attitude to solve problems. Call on Adnachiel to help you gain optimism and progress in your heart.


Archangel Barkiel

You have to protect your heart from the bad thoughts of third parties. Combat this with positive energies. Call on the angel Barkiel to help you have emotional control and understanding.


Archangel Uriel

Life rewards you with prosperity and a lot of love, but you must also give of yourself generosity and kindness. Uriel is the angel who will eradicate evil and personal insecurity.


Archangel Hamaliel

You need to learn from your mistakes and continue to improve yourself along the way. Reflect on what affects you and find a solution that helps you move forward. Ask the angel Hamaliel for wisdom to move forward.


Archangel Verchiel

When you feel weak, doubt gains ground. Do not allow your heart to be at that crossroads, seek balance and balance in love. Verchiel is the angel that illuminates you and gives you strength to resist.


Archangel Muriel

You need peace and harmony to return to your home after going through difficult times. With love and understanding you will achieve it. Ask the angel Muriel to remove sadness and heal your heart so that you can achieve what you long for.


Archangel Ambriel

You must choose the appropriate words to solve the couple’s situation that has them at odds. Communication and love must always be present. Ask the angel Ambriel to help you heal your heart and solve it from compression.


Archangel Hanabiel

You need to feel protected because you are in a very vulnerable emotional moment. Be calm and patient because everything will be solved. Ask the angel Hanabiel for trust and love to move forward.


Archangel Malchedael

Draw strength from your heart to face the hard moment you are going through. Become aware of the situation and understanding helps. The angel Malchadael accompanies you and helps you face all obstacles.

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