Los Angeles horoscope and the advice to achieve peace in your heart this Sunday, September 24

Angels and archangels manifest themselves in many ways and at different times, open your heart and fill yourself with the energy that they emanate when you invoke them to thank them or to illuminate your path.


Archangel Chamuel

When you feel that things are going wrong for you, do not be distressed and think that it is an experience that you should take with great humility. Trust and move forward, the angel Chamuel accompanies you and helps you have great strength.


Archangel Ariel

You are in a difficult moment and you will be the one who has the strength and determination to get out of the darkness. Invoke the angel Ariel to continue illuminating your professional and personal path.


Archangel Raphael

Many joys and blessings come into your life and you must receive them without pretensions or egos. The angel Rafael will be your strength and your guide so that from generosity you receive everything there is for you.


Archangel Rehael

The load of emotions you feel right now makes it difficult for you to take on your challenges and you cannot allow yourself to be in that situation. Balance your feelings. Call upon the angel Rehael to stabilize you and focus on your goals.


Archangel Bariel

In times of difficulties you have to seek control of your feelings and emotions to clear your mind. Do not allow others to negatively influence your decisions. Ask the angel Bariel to protect you and fill you with courage to move forward.


Archangel Camael

Your life does not depend on changing others, but on learning from each experience to be able to move forward in difficult times. Invoke the angel Camael to help you balance your feelings.


Archangel Anael

You feel powerful and that is why you lash out at everyone, but you must remember that the power is there for you to help others with wisdom and humility. Anael is the angel who helps you heal your mind from egos and your heart from the wounds of the past.


Archangel Haniel

You have to be patient to heal by yourself everything that imprisons your heart. Give yourself the opportunity to forgive and move on. Give your anxieties to the angel Haniel to help you walk the path of good.


Archangel Sariel

Changes are coming to your life that will make you travel along a path of spirituality and self-love. Do not let others influence your decisions and allow the energy of the angel Sariel to surround you to heal.


Archangel Uriel

It lifts your spirits, repenting of mistakes is healthy for your heart and allows you to be good with yourself to move forward. Uriel is the angel who illuminates you and leads you along the path of prosperity.


Archangel Gabriel

You have the strength to lift your spirits and erase all feelings of resentment from your heart. Gabriel is the angel who shows you the path of good and bad, you have the decision in your hands.


Archangel Michael

You felt oppressed, distressed and even threatened in your emotional life, but you managed to break those barriers and now your path is one of peace and harmony. Miguel is the powerful angel who can do everything, call on him to be by your side.

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