Los Angeles horoscope and advice to achieve prosperity and harmony this Friday, September 22

Angels and archangels manifest themselves in many ways and at various times, open your heart and fill yourself with the energy that they emanate when you invoke them to thank them or to illuminate your path.


Archangel Michael

Don’t look for blame, look for solutions and start a new cycle of generosity and love for your peace of mind and to set you on the path to success. Ask angel Michael to guide you to get the past out of your life and move forward.


Archangel Raphael

You are full of good omens, moments of unity and love among your loved ones, moments where everyone contributes to solve and success comes. Invoke the angel Rafael to be your guardian, illuminate you with his divine light and fill you with love.


Archangel Uriel

You have to make drastic decisions so that the projects and ideas you have to improve your economy do not escape your hands and you can ensure that they are prosperous and productive. Invoke the angel Uriel so that you have spiritual strength to achieve everything you set your mind to.


Archangel Raziel

Don’t be filled with resentments, that hurts your heart, which urgently needs to forget the past and have a present in harmony and abundance. The angel Raziel asks you to reflect on this situation so that you can change your attitude.


Archangel Metatron

Shake off bad thoughts, mobilize, devise strategies so that love and generosity are always present. Metatron is the angel of strength who invites you to prepare to overcome obstacles.


Archangel Haniel

Take life calmly, remember that all problems have a solution and that only you must do your part to move towards success. The angel Haniel will always be with you, so raise prayers to thank and receive.


Archangel Jeremiel

Emotions are running high and that has you very uncontrolled, so much so that it has an impact on your professional performance. You have to draw willpower to direct your future. The angel Jeremiel is communication with God, ask him for wisdom to make the best decision.


Archangel Chamuel

It is not that you impose your will, it is that you consult with your loved ones if the decision you are going to make is the most correct one. Don’t do things that you may regret later. The angel Chamuel guides you to take the path of understanding.


Archangel Barachiel

That others use you does not come out of nowhere, it is you with your way of being, who does not set limits on the things that you allow others to offend and mistreat. The angel Barachiel guides you from the heart so that you put an end to the interference.


Archangel Gabriel

Nothing can be more important to you than the well-being of your family. If you fail, they fall with you, so mobilize to achieve abundance in your life. The angel Gabriel will be your guardian and your spiritual strength, invoke him because he will be with you through thick and thin.


Archangel Jehudiel

You want to make decisions, but fear and a negative attitude hold you back. You have the power to change that in your life. Don’t give it any more thought and strongly ask the angel Jehudiel to guide you and open the paths to success.


Archangel Raziel

If you made a commitment to love and care for that being who has become someone important to you, then in these moments when he needs more of your support, do not abandon him. Ask the angel Raziel for wisdom and patience so that you can assume the responsibility that awaits you.

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