Los Angeles horoscope and advice for abundance, peace and love this Thursday, September 7

Angels and archangels manifest themselves in many ways and at various times, open your heart and fill yourself with the energy that they emanate when you invoke them to thank them or to illuminate your path.


Archangel Anuel

You must be very intelligent to achieve harmony in your family, understand the differences and turn it around so that everyone can walk towards prosperity. Ask the angel Anuel for the gift of wisdom to guide everyone through love.


Archangel Uriel

You have already gone through a very difficult situation in your life. It’s time to reinvent yourself and go out into the world to show that you can and that your positive energy leads you to success. Uriel is a powerful angel who radiates light to heal you.


The archangel Eyael

You have some very strong reactions that are causing you emotional and personal problems. You must seek calm to overcome setbacks in life and achieve the peace of mind you need. The angel Eyael protects you every step you take.


Archangel Rochel

Love reaches your arms as you wished, you will be filled with light, with patience and you will give all of yourself so that the future is the most beautiful and prosperous. The angel Rochel will protect you on that path to receive that blessing.


Archangel Nelkhael

You must put order in your life to be able to achieve all the proposed goals, because being prosperous and successful depends on it. Ask the angel Nelkhael to destroy all obstacles that arise on the path.


Archangel Melahel

You have a light that protects you and makes you feel powerful in these moments because love has come to you. Receive the good with humility and ask the angel Melahel for the wisdom to channel good actions.


Archangel Yerathel

Beware of people who wear you down and steal your energy. You are intelligent, a being with a positive and happy attitude, you only need that to achieve the peace and prosperity you deserve. The angel Yerathel will be there to protect you with his healing light.


Archangel Umabel

Important changes are coming in your life that need all your concentration to bring the family to peace and harmony. Everything comes with success and the angel Umabel will illuminate you so that you can overcome all obstacles.


Archangel Sitael

Arrogance and ego are not good advisors when looking for solutions to problems. Your attitude must be positive to successfully achieve the goals you set for yourself. Invoke the angel Sitael to give you benevolence and mercy to resolve them.


Archangel Anael

You must be careful with your family relationships, some problems are generating arguments that lead to nothing and you need harmony and peace. Anael is the angel who will help you understand what is happening and how to solve it.


Archangel Daniel

You have desires for professional improvement that if you make an effort you will achieve it, but be patient because good things come in due time. The angel Daniel drives away the thoughts of fear you have about facing obstacles.


Archangel Camael

It is time to find time for yourself, a time to relax, to rest and fill yourself with energy for what is coming in the future. Connect with Camael so that the light that comes from nature helps you have the tranquility you need.

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