Long live Milei and freedom, damn it! Only a madman can believe that Argentina has a remedy

We recover for your informative interest after Javier Milei’s victory in Argentina This article by Federico Jiménez Losantos originally published on August 14, 2023.

The impressive success of Milei and its great candidates – Píparo, Marra – is the first great news for the cause of freedom in the world, especially after the last elections in Spain, which leave us at the mercy of proven terrorists and enthusiastic coup plotters, without forgetting the traitor Sánchez .

That ArgentinaAfter a long century of interventionism, three-quarters of Peronism with some violent interruptions, there is no remedy, this is something that Argentines themselves believe, first of all. Eight out of ten young people would leave their country if they could. The reason, in a country that believes itself to be rich and has a 40% poor (10%, indigent) and a 130% inflationwhich for the November elections, will border on hyperinflation: the dollar blue is above 600 pesos) is hopelessness in a country accustomed to a regime of subsidies or little payments because of a political caste that is criminally corrupt and demagogic to the point of nausea.

All the ideological garbage of the Sánchez government is Kirchnerist. The best friends and associates of the Great Thief are the Spanish socialists and communists, from Garzón to Zapatero, from Sánchez to Yolanda Díaz and from Iglesias to Irene Montero, passing through Monedero, Lastra and other gangs of the Puebla Cartel, formerly the Sao Paulo Forum and, before that, Comintern. The gender ideology goes from the Clown Filomena to Ione Belarra. And it is sad to see that it has been more difficult for Cristina, after the assassination of Nismancorrupt the Argentine Justice system than Sánchez and Zapatero the Spanish one.

But the cause of freedom is the same. And no one who loves freedom and Argentina will have stopped being moved by that vote of confidence that the voters have given to Freedom Advancespersonified in Javier Milei.

I follow the news there daily, usually through The nation, although the abject campaign of some of its communicators – Canosa, Novaresio, Majul, Leuco and some obstinate person who I hope will now repent – ​​has made me migrate to other channels. The ferocity of the hoaxes and slander has been greater than what those from Vox suffer here, when they do not execute. And by the way, that illiberal and protectionist Buxadé, do not boast about the success of Milei, which represents exactly the opposite: the opening of borders, the end of protectionism to “strategic sectors” and the sovereignty of the currency, the peso, which it plans to replace with the dollar, once the ruin of the Central Bank and close it, between a year and a year and a half. Can anyone imagine Buxadé exchanging the euro for the dollar and not for the peseta? Well that’s the difference between the Vox-Dei and Freedom Advances by Javier Milei.

Milei is said to be crazy. You have to be to believe that Argentina has a remedy. But the Argentines have come to that conclusion: only a madman will dare to dismantle this enormous racket that has plunged us into misery.

Ultra-broad media such as The UltracountryETA launderers and coup plotters, and the Kirchnerist feathers ambushed in The world and other supposedly right-wing media talk about the “angry vote” for Milei. But I have followed the programs of all the candidates and the only one with a real economic plan in the long term it is Milei. The only credible one to fight against insecurity in the streets is Milei’s party. The only one who talks about a resurgence of Argentina as a power in 35 or 40 years, not in one day, is Milei. He who speaks of sacrosanct respect for property It’s Milei. The one who calls himself the son of Alberdi and disciple of Benegas Linch Jr. is Milei. The one who talks about the immorality of the budget deficit is Milei. The only one who does not separate economic and political freedom and moral duty is Javier Milei.

How can we not feel their triumph? How can we not expect him to become president or, at least, to the government of Argentina in November? How can we not believe that, if even Argentina seems to be resurrecting, Spain can also do so. Difficult? Definitely. But if Argentina can, so can we.

In her honor, that of Victoria Villarruel and so many Argentine friends who worship the dignity of all human beings Long live Freedom, damn it!


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