“London Bridge is down”: this is the protocol to announce the death of Queen Elizabeth II

The operation london-bridge either London bridge in Spanish is the action plan that will be activated at the moment in which Isabel II, the queen of the United Kingdom, dies. The queen is now at Balmoral Palace in Scotland, and a statement from the palace warning of a concern about your health She has made her family move to the place to accompany her. The news has set off all the alarms.

In the event that the 96-year-old queen dies, her private secretary, who is currently Edward Young, will send a coded message to Liz Truss: ‘London Bridge is down (‘London Bridge has fallen’). The one who has been prime minister since Tuesday, after receiving the message, she would have to immediately launch the operation, which would last weeks.

All the countries of the commonwealth o British Commonwealth of Nations would then be informed of the death. First, from the Global Response Center of the Foreign Office, located in an unknown location in London, the news would be communicated to the 15 governments of the countries of which Elizabeth II is head of state and, later, to the rest of the commonwealth.

How the news will be reported

The plan also includes a device for the news arrives as fast as possible to the population. The British agency Associated Press and the BBC would receive the announcement in a news flash through the Radio Alert Transmission System (RATS), and commercial radio, which has a network of lights that flash when a breaking news of this importance, they would find out this way and from Independent Radio News.

If the queen dies, the BBC presenters will go in mourning with clothes prepared for the occasion

The television channel the BBC would stop its regular programming and would release a special statement. The BBC presenters will wear a black suit and a black tie prepared for the occasion, as reported Guardian.

In Buckingham Palace a footman dressed in mourning would come to the doors outside to place a black board with the official note reporting the death of Elizabeth II. The palace’s website would also display this notice.

Since the announcement of the death, the Stock Exchange would stop its activity for two weeks and many businesses will also remain with their doors closed. The funeral will be about ten days later of death in Westminster Abbey, and will be declared a public holiday throughout the United Kingdom.

What happens if the queen dies in Scotland?

Elizabeth II, who has been on the throne since 1952, is in Balmoral Palace, the Scottish residence of the crown. If his death were to occur here, a special plan would be set in motion, the Operation Unicorn. The day after his death, the coffin would first be transferred to Holyrood Palace, followed by a reception service at Edinburgh Cathedral.

Two days after the death, two possibilities would arise: that The queen’s body will be transferred by train to London or that the coffin arrived in the capital by plane. If the second option were finally chosen, the plan would become the Overstudy. The plan would end once the coffin left Scotland. The funeral of the monarch It would be held nine days after his death, most likely in Westminster Abbey.

The succession of the crown

Immediately after the death of the sovereign, her son and heir to the crown, prince charleswill succeed her on the throne. Spring Tide is the name of the operation that would be launched in parallel to the london-bridge to prepare for the ascension to the throne of the current Prince of Wales.

The day after the queen’s death, her son would have to give a speech and would be officially proclaimed king. That same day, the Accession Council would convene at St. James’s Palace to proclaim the new monarch. Parliament would meet in the evening for parliamentarians to swear allegiance to King Charles, if that is the name chosen by the heir. to reign


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