Located the van that moved the insulting posters against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner to Buenos Aires

The investigators of the case of the cartels against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner have managed to find the truck where the insulting pamphlets were moved. As expected, They detected the mobile at a home in Morón, where they also found leftover posters that were not used in the hit through the central streets of the City of Buenos Aires. According to reports, the discovery was made under the control of prosecutor Mauro Tereszko and there have been three arrests so far.

The registry was one of the eight that had been ordered in La Matanza and Morón. This was carried out at 1353 Juan José Paso Street in the municipality of Morón. An address that investigators had already located.

In fact, it was determined that the posters were printed on a large company from Lanús, from there they left last Friday to be kept in said Morón address and later the workers left that place on Sunday night, in the Fiat Fiorino truck, to carry out the hit at dawn on Monday. Minutes later, someone called the media indicating the places where the posters with the insults to the vice president were pasted.

In the next few hours there will be data on who commissioned the work to the printer since someone sent the film with the original to make the plate with which the print was made.

as anticipated Page 12, there are three court cases under way based on the complaints of the Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, the Buenos Aires Public Ministry and the businessman José Pepe Albistur.

It is clear that the objective of the operation was to create greater confrontations within the Frente de Todos coalition and even encourage some type of violence. In the environment of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner they affirm that they will not appear as plaintiffs and that they will not respond to aggression.

According to reports, the search at the address on Juan José Pasó street was carried out by Buenos Aires police officers. Then the Buenos Aires police arrived. In that place, one of the people mentioned in the investigation and two other people who were at the time of the arrival of the police were arrested.

The officers sought to verify that the truck found was the one they were looking for. There they determined that the vehicle’s identification card was adulterated and without patent plates placed. The Federal Court on duty ordered them to seize the truck and arrest the three people.

The state of the investigation

The investigation advanced by leaps and bounds throughout Wednesday and Thursday. There are several issues already clarified:

The van belongs to a company called Geovias, which is bankrupt. That is why he would have delivered the vehicle as part of payment of a debt or compensation. The holders of Geovías would have no relation to what happened.

From the cameras it was determined that the Fiorino entered the Buenos Aires area from the west and that after the realization of the sticker returned to the west. Now the origin and the end of the route have been determined: a corner of Juan José Paso Street, in Morón.

They did the hit workers hired for the occasion. They do not belong to any company. They were paid a few pesos to do the work that night. It is the same organization that, for example, when a festival is held in a neighborhood, puts up posters without paying duties or taxes or anything, all obviously in black. These are pointers from some neighborhood who recruit two or three people.

The posters were printed at a company in the south zone. As far as is known, the owners are going to testify in court and maintain that they had no responsibility, that they were not even aware that this work was done in their printing press.

In any case, the logic indicates that there will be a strong indication of who was behind the operation, since someone ordered and paid for the work. In addition, they had to deliver the original, which in itself was an incitement to violence, with a photo of Cristina Fernández de Kichner and the “killer” legend.

It seems evident that in one of the three legal cases that are in charge of the federal judge Daniel Rafecas, the prosecutor Leonel Gómez Barbella and the Buenos Aires prosecutor Mauro Tereszko, there will be news this Friday.


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