Lobato rejects discomfort between the barons with the president and attributes the differences to the fact that they have their own criteria

Defends that all the opinions that are given from the federations are heard and managed with intelligence

He highlights the campaign he made for the Space Agency to go to Tres Cantos or Robledo de Chavela and blames Ayuso for not betting on it

MADRID, Dec. 10 (.) –

The general secretary of the PSOE in Madrid, Juan Lobato, rejects the fact that there is discontent between the barons of his party and the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, and attributes the differences expressed by some regional presidents to the fact that they have their own criteria and that sometimes there are “conflicts of interest” between certain territories. As he has pointed out in an interview with Europa Press, all opinions must be listened to and managed “with intelligence”.

“It’s not that it’s discomfort, what happens is that they are intelligent people, with their own criteria and each one has to give their opinion and there is no problem,” said Lobato, after the discrepancies expressed in recent weeks by the presidents from Castilla La Mancha, Emiliano García Page and Aragón, Javier Lambán, among others, as a consequence of the elimination of the crime of sedition, the embezzlement reform and the application of the ‘only yes is yes’ law.

“The PSOE is a totally democratic party and of course there are decisions of conflicts of interest in which a Government of Spain has to decide,” he exclaims. In this sense, Lobato speaks of “strategic country decisions” in which “there may be conflicting interests” and a decision “in favor of both interests” cannot be made.

“They are strategic decisions of the country, such as management in Catalonia, the fiscal model, regional financing,” he indicates, matters in which some territories have different interests, according to reports, when asked about the possible discomfort among the barons due to the incidence who may have decisions from the central government in the next municipal and regional elections.

“What you have to do is manage it with intelligence, listen to the opinions, and the Government of Spain and the general secretary (of the PSOE), thanks to those opinions that we give them from the federations, make their decisions,” he indicated.


Regarding Lambán’s recent statements, which stated that Spain and the PSOE would have done better with the former president of Asturias Javier Fernández at the head of the party, Lobato has stressed that the Aragonese leader himself has already qualified them.

In his opinion, Lambán’s words are explained by the respect and admiration he has for Javier Fernández, who played “a very important role” in the match. “I join that recognition,” he said. However, he has specified that he cannot share “speculations” about what would have happened with another person at the head of the PSOE. “I do not dare to do that because it is pure historical speculation and I cannot share it,” he opined.

Lobato stresses that Lambán himself said that there was no discrepancy with Sánchez and he did not want to convey a lack of support for the secretary general. In addition, he explained that at the Federal Political Council held in Zaragoza in September, attended by all the regional leaders, the Aragonese president “gave his support to the Prime Minister without any doubt”, according to him.


“Another thing is that each one has opinions on each of the issues that are being managed politically and particular opinions on how one or the other would do it and what decisions they would make. And that is legitimate. And not only legitimate, it is logical, “he says . As highlighted, the PSOE is a democratic party in which the political position is configured thanks to the criteria provided by each federation.

Finally, Lobato has indicated that he does not share Lambán’s opinion on the situation in Catalonia, after he stated that the Catalan issue is not being resolved, but what is happening is that the nationalists are seeing their road map come to fruition.

“I don’t share that specifically. I have lived in Catalonia for three years and since I left Catalonia until today the evolution has been very positive,” he says, because in his opinion an untenable situation has gone from family and friends, to a region “with a more pleasant climate”.


On the other hand, after the awarding of the Spanish Space Agency headquarters to Seville, the leader of the Madrid socialists remarked that he defended and even campaigned for the candidacy of the Madrid towns of Tres Cantos and also of Robledo de Chavela, to host this organization .

In addition, he has accused the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso of “forgetting” about Robledo de Chavela as a possible headquarters, something that in his opinion harmed his not settling in Madrid. “This lack of commitment has not been good for us” and, on the contrary, he has maintained that he has “clearly” supported that the agency be located in Madrid, in parliament and also by visiting companies in the sector and supporting the candidacy in both municipalities.

Lastly, Lobato has defended the policy of decentralization of public bodies promoted by the Government of Sánchez, pointing out that “it makes sense” to decide where each of them is located “within Spain and also within the Community of Madrid, which is very big,” he said.

Thus, he has maintained that within his community there are important cities in which it would make sense to locate public offices and has given the example of the Cervantes Institute in Alcalá de Henares. “There is no drama or Madrid is broken”, because he is located in this town, he has finished.

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