LIVE | This is how the repatriation of Colombians in Israel is going: flight took off from Tel Aviv



Return of compatriots trapped in Israel.

Return of compatriots trapped in Israel.


Colombian Air Force

Return of compatriots trapped in Israel.

The Colombian Air Force is carrying out operations to return more than 100 people to the country.

Since the conflict between Israel and the Hamas group broke out in the Middle East, some of the countries that have nationals in the area close to the fighting began their repatriation.
Colombia is one of the nations that announced that it was beginning operations to guarantee the return of those who have asked to return to the country.

This Thursday, the Colombian Air Force stated that the first aircraft of the humanitarian mission arrived in Israeli territory. Follow the minute by minute of the return of the Colombians.

There are 110 Colombians traveling on the humanitarian flight

There are 110 compatriots on board the first humanitarian flight from Tel Aviv, Israel.

“We will continue working until all Colombians who were trapped return home,” said the Foreign Ministry.

The plane took off with Colombians on board

The Foreign Ministry confirmed that the first plane with the Colombians who will return to the country has already taken off from Tel Aviv.

“The first flight with Colombians seeking to return to the country has already taken off from Israel. The Foreign Ministry team that accompanied the
“The Air Force and the Embassy in Tel Aviv led the evacuation.”

Attention to Colombians in Israel

The attention channels for Colombians who are in a vulnerable situation or have been affected by the attacks in Israel are the following:

Emergency number: +972 (0) 542349992

Email: [email protected]

Air Force aircraft arrives in Israel

The first plane sent by the Colombian government to Israel is already in Tel Aviv, it is the FAC-1219 aircraft of the Aerospace Force.


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