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Ecuador on alert: armed takeover of television channel and kidnappings of police officersEl Tiempo El Tiempo is the leading news outlet in Colombia, characterized by its exclusive investigations and reports on: justice, sports, economy, politics, culture, technology, innovation, climate change, among other news events in Colombia and the world.

Ecuador police officers kidnapped


President Daniel Noboa decrees a war against drug traffickers. Follow minute by minute.

This Tuesday, violence in Ecuador had an unprecedented spike that led President Daniel Noboa to declare a state of emergency after alias Fito escaped from prison and an unprecedented wave of criminal acts was unleashed.

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For its part, the Ministry of Education suspended in-person classes. In addition, several vehicles were set on fire and attacks were reported in Quito and Guayaquil. Criminals even forced their way into a television station and took over the live broadcast.

International media reported that clashes continued in several prisons, where there were several guards held by inmates. Local authorities reported that there were at least eight dead and two injured in attacks in Guayaquil, until 9 p.m. on Tuesday. The number, unfortunately, is increasing.

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Follow here andMinute by minute of how the difficult security situation is progressing this Wednesday in Ecuador.

Concern for travelers in Guayaquil

Uncertainty. That is the word that describes the common denominator among the few travelers who on Tuesday night and Wednesday dawn arrived at the José Joaquín Olmedo airport in the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil, in the middle of a violent day that led to the president of the country, Daniel Noboa, to declare the “internal armed conflict.” On the screens at the El Dorado airport in Bogotá, you could read “cancelled” in reference to the other flights to the coastal city.

Criminal was shot dead in the street

The released recording has drawn attention in which a man, who apparently would be one of the criminals, is seen lying on the ground and bleeding from a wound in the upper part of his body.

“A criminal shot down in the middle of the street,” says the footage that is beginning to go viral. The events, according to local media, occurred in Guayaquil, after 4 p.m.

Dejected man.

At least 10 people killed in the wave of violence in Ecuador

At least a dozen people, including two police officers shot dead in Nobol, in the Ecuadorian province of Guayas, have died so far in the unprecedented wave of violence unleashed by criminal organizations in
Ecuador, local media reported.

The last two fatalities that have been reported are two police officers “vilely murdered by armed criminals”, identified as second corporals Alex Taday and Luis Guanotuña.

Spain condemns violent acts in
Ecuador and calls for caution

The Spanish Embassy in Ecuador has published a note in which it condemns “the violent acts of recent days committed by criminal groups”, supports the country’s democratic institutions to restore order and recommends that Spanish citizens exercise extreme caution. .

France recommends its citizens delay their travel plans to Ecuador

France recommended that its citizens who want to travel to
Ecuador delays its plans, in a context of an onslaught of violence linked to drug trafficking that forced the South American country to declare an “internal armed conflict.”

“Under these circumstances, French citizens planning to travel to Ecuador in the coming days are advised to postpone their plans as far as possible,” French diplomacy advised on its website on Tuesday.

Ecuadorians return to their homes

Ecuadorians return to their homes

China supports Ecuador in the fight against violence and asks for protection for its citizens

China expressed its support for the Government of Ecuador in its effort to restore social order after the increase in violence in the South American country and called for the security of its citizens and entities in that nation to be guaranteed.

Spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mao Ning declared at a press conference that China “closely follows the evolution of events in Ecuador” and hopes that the country “recovers normality as soon as possible.”

Seventy people arrested for attacks and terrorist acts in Ecuador

Seventy people have been arrested in Ecuador in operations carried out, so far, at the national level, due to the attacks and “terrorist acts” registered in different parts of the country, the Police reported this Wednesday.

In a statement on social networks, the Police revealed a preliminary balance of actions, among which they mentioned the release of three police officers who had been kidnapped on Monday and who were released on Tuesday.

Ecuadorian Assembly offers the ‘pardons’ necessary to fight violence

The National Assembly of Ecuador expressed its support for the Armed Forces, National Police and other officials in charge of maintaining security and peace in the face of the wave of violence that the country is experiencing and announced that it will adopt “pardons and/or amnesties” in cases that are necessary to ensure that they can fulfill their task.


Ecuadorian police deployed in the streets.

The wave of violence in Ecuador causes fear in Peru

The wave of violence that broke out this Tuesday in
Ecuador caused fear in Peru and led the Government to declare a state of emergency and order the deployment of the Armed Forces to strengthen the surveillance tasks of the National Police (PNP) throughout the country’s northern border. The announcement was made by the Peruvian Prime Minister, Alberto Otárola.

Panama stands in solidarity with
Ecuador facing events that ‘compromise stability’

The president of Panama, Laurentino Cortizo, expressed his “solidarity” with his colleague from
Ecuador, Daniel Noboa, and regretted “the events that have arisen and that compromise stability and the rule of law in this brother country.”

Cortizo added, in messages through his social networks, that his Government is attentive “to the critical internal security situation” in Ecuador and that it is monitored through the Embassy of Panama in Quito.


Security forces released the hostages.

*With information from EFE and AFP

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