Liga Portugal partners with LaLiga Tech to promote its technological development

MADRID, Aug. 8 (.) –

LaLiga Tech and Liga Portugal have announced this Monday a new association to improve the technological development of the Portuguese competition, according to a statement from the employers’ association.

This new collaboration aims to help the Portuguese competition “improve its content and build more impactful global interactions with its fans through a digital ecosystem”. As a first step in the process, and under this new agreement, Portuguese football clubs will have privileged access to new technological brand protection services to reduce the incidence of online sales of counterfeit products.

In addition, Liga Portugal will present LaLiga Tech’s Brand Protection solutions, which provide detection, analysis and removal of illegal products, to its 34 member clubs with the intention of “further safeguarding their intellectual property”.

“Brand Protection services are exclusively designed to monitor, report and eliminate the sale of counterfeit products online, using machine learning to detect illegal products in seconds,” explained LaLiga, which from its technology department and after evaluations can eliminate ” quickly” fraudulent products, thanks to its “close working relationships with the world’s leading online retailers.

Organizations already using Brand Protection’s services include the Mexican baseball club Tomateros de Culiacán, sports manufacturers Concept2 and the Royal Belgian Football Federation. This season, for all customers, more than 90 percent of illegal products have been successfully removed from online sales, according to LaLiga.

The president of the Portuguese League, Pedro Proença, assured that alliances like this show “how technological development can increase the promotion of competitions, increase their competitiveness, improve the game itself and increase the impact of brands and their links with fans. in an increasingly digital world.

“We are proud of this partnership in the fight against fraud, despite the fact that this is only one aspect of this agreement. Counterfeit material is a threat to the intellectual property of clubs and brands and, above all, it is a deception for the fans since it robs them of the experience that only an official product can provide”, he added.

For his part, the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, recalled that counterfeit products “damage the club’s income, relationships with suppliers and the experiences of fans.” “We are pleased to join our allies in Liga Portugal to safeguard the important income generated by merchandising and improve the digitalization strategy of the competition”, he celebrated.

“Since the launch of its services last year, LaLiga Tech has helped sports properties protect more than €9 billion in content and establish more direct and profitable relationships with their fans, underlining the ability of technology to strengthen the industry even more,” he concluded.

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