Libya’s “Higher State” accuses the House of Representatives of “political absurdity”


The Head of the Libyan High Council of State, Khaled Al-Mashri, described, on Tuesday, the House of Representatives’ suspension of the head of the government appointed by him, Fathi Bashagha, as “political absurdity.”

Earlier on Tuesday, the House of Representatives voted by a “majority” in favor of suspending Bashagha from heading the government that he was assigned to in March 2022 and referring him for investigation during a session held in Benghazi, in the east of the country, according to a brief statement by the parliament’s spokesman Abdullah Blehaq.

Commenting on this, Al-Mashri said, in a series of tweets via his Twitter account: “The House of Representatives continues its political absurdity after it previously withheld confidence in the national unity government (headed by Abdul Hamid al-Dabaiba) without consulting with the Supreme Council of the State and not approving a state budget, which made the government The unit spends money and uses it without supervision or accountability.

He added, “After the House of Representatives also assigned Fathi Bashagha as head of a new government and approved his government in a non-transparent manner, he is now issuing a decision to suspend him in a suspicious manner, to say the least.”

Al-Mashri called on the House of Representatives to “pay attention to the supreme interest of the state, in agreement with the Supreme Council of the State on a clear road map that leads to elections under a small unified government for the purpose of holding elections and ending the transitional period.”

He also called on the House of Representatives to “stop dwelling on issuing laws and legislation that are not required by the current stage.”

There was no immediate comment from the Libyan House of Representatives on Al-Mishri’s tweets.

In his statement, a spokesman for the House of Representatives did not mention the reasons for Bashagha’s arrest, but Parliament member Tariq al-Jarushi said in a previous statement to Anadolu Agency that “the suspension came against the background of the Parliamentary Administrative Oversight Committee submitting a report condemning Bashagha for failing to work and wasting public money.”

Bashagha had pre-empted the decision to arrest him by assigning his deputy, Ali Faraj al-Qatrani, to run the government’s tasks and to delegate to him all the powers granted to the prime minister.

In February 2022, the parliament commissioned Bashagha to form a new government.

In March of the same year, Bashagha formed a government, but he did not succeed in entering the capital, Tripoli, to assume power, which prompted him to announce his government from Benghazi, from which he administered the entire eastern region to the city of Sirte in the center of the country and with a joint administration with the government of Dabaiba in the south of the country.

This caused a political crisis, especially after Dabaiba refused to hand over and said that he would only hand over power to a government that comes through a new elected parliament, which called on the United Nations to conduct negotiations to reach elections to solve that crisis.

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