Libya .. Al-Swehli holds Bashagha, Haftar and Saleh responsible for locking the oil


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Moataz Wanis / Anatolia

Abd al-Rahman al-Swehli, a member of the Libyan High Council of State and its former head, held the responsibility of locking oil in the country and preventing exports to the Prime Minister-designate from the House of Representatives, Fathi Bashagha and other officials.

In a post by Al-Swehli, on his official Facebook page, on Monday, he commented on the announcement of social components in the south, center, southwest and east, during the past 48 hours, to stop oil production and stop export operations from those areas.

Al-Swehli said: “We hold the power-obsessed (Fathi) Bashagha and his partners (Caliph) Haftar (the commander of the eastern forces), Aqila Saleh (the speaker of parliament) and the intelligence of a neighboring country (he did not name it) responsible for the escalation and tampering with the Libyans’ (oil) forces after the failure of their previous plan.”

Because of these closures, and during the past 24 hours, the Libyan National Oil Corporation announced the state of “force majeure” on the El Feel oil field (south), the Zueitina oil port with all its fields, and the El Sharara field, the country’s largest field.

Al-Swehli added: “With their detailed laws, they have thwarted the December 24 elections and are now trying again to obstruct access to the elections, but the will of the people who support change will win,” he said.

As a result of differences between the official Libyan institutions, especially regarding the electoral law, it was not possible to hold presidential and parliamentary elections in Libya on December 24, 2021, within a plan sponsored by the United Nations.

Al-Swehli added, “History will record these people as the ones who caused the suffering and displacement of Libyans over the years.”

Anadolu Agency was not able to obtain an immediate response from Haftar, Pashaga and Saleh to Al-Swehli’s accusations.

He concluded his comment by saying: “The national civil forces have said their word since last February. The government that empowers Haftar will not be allowed to enter through the window after he failed to enter the door on 4/4, and our position will remain constant today and tomorrow, in reference to a war that Haftar led to control Tripoli two years ago that did not succeed in it.

This comes in light of the rising fears that the country will descend into civil war after the division that occurred against the background of the inauguration of the House of Representatives, Fathi Bashagha, as head of a new government, instead of the unity government headed by Abdel Hamid Dabaiba, who refuses to hand over power except to a government that comes according to a new elected parliament.

In order to contain the crisis, the Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on Libya, Stephanie Williams, launched an initiative to form a committee from the House of Representatives and the State to set a “consensual” constitutional basis for holding elections as soon as possible.

Today (Monday), the joint committee concluded its initial discussions after four days of meetings in Cairo, to resume its work after Eid Al-Fitr.

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