LG introduces Breeze headphones, which help you sleep with sounds synchronized with brain waves

MADRID, 2 Jan. (Portaltic/EP) –

LG Electronics will present at the CES 2023 their new LG Breeze headphoneswhich include a intelligent solution for rest care with which they emit sounds synchronized with brain waves to help you fall asleep, in addition to analyze and manage sleep status in real time.

The headphones, developed by the South Korean company together with SleepWave, have a ergonomic design to fit the shape of the eara comfortable format “even while sleeping” the user, and light, with a weight of around 6 grams each.

The LG Breeze are designed to “make clients feel refreshed in the morning like a breeze”according to the company in a statement.

These wireless headphones are able to reproduce sounds synchronized with the brain that help to sleep and improve the quality of sleep. For this, they have sensors that identify brain wave frequencies and, with the information collected, reproduce the most appropriate sound.

Among these sounds are some lullabiesas well as sounds from Autonomous Meridian Sensory Response (‘ASMR’) of nature and the ‘sound synchronized by brain waves’. In fact, Breeze includes about 80 sounds and allows to add more, plus play music or YouTube videos.

As LG explains, Breeze’s ‘synchronized sound’ technology is based on collect information from the different frequencies heard by the left and right brain. The difference between these frequencies is used to introduce brain waves that “promote sleep or the transition to a specific dream state”.

For example, in a deep sleep state, brain waves of 0.5 to 3 Hz flow, according to LG. With this in mind, to induce the corresponding 2 Hz brain waves, the brain would need to hear a 100 Hz frequency sound in the left ear and 98 Hz or 102 Hz in the right ear, as explained by the technology company. .

In this sense, headphones provide sounds synchronized with electroencephalogram (EEG) such as binaural static, what repeat a fixed frequency existing. In fact, using differentiated brain wave detection technology, Breeze monitor the waves and reproduce the optimal frequency according to the conditions of each user.

On the other hand, the LG Breeze analyze users’ sleep data and are able to suggest the best patterns of sleep through a self-learning system. Among other things, it measures the ‘hypnosis phase’ (the state of consciousness just before sleep); the ‘REM sleep’ (Rapid Eye Movement) which corresponds to the sleep phase; and the ‘light sleep’ and ‘deep sleep’.

It also records information such as sleep times, sleeping posture waves involuntary jerks from the body while the user sleeps.

In addition to all this, along with other information collected through mobile devices such as the number of steps taken during the day, these headphones can improve the sleeping experience. That is, on busy days, the headphones They can induce a state of deep sleep to help recover from physical exhaustion.

The LG Breeze are accompanied by a carrying and storage case the headphones. As an innovation, this case supports the UVnano function to keep the product “clean and manageable” thanks to your technology that reduces harmful bacteriaas LG has underlined.

All the features of these headphones they can be tested during CES 2023 in Las Vegas (United States), which will take place between next Thursday 5th and 8th January. Similarly, the LG Breeze is will launch in South Korea during the first half of this year.

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