“Let’s decide everything”: the Anticapitalists campaign to end the “kidnapping of oligopolies”

“The idea was to point to Endesa as responsible for the situation we have,” he explains on the other end of the phone Oscar White, spokesperson for Anticapitalistas in Catalonia. A few days ago, the party organized a rally in front of the Endesa thermal power plant at the mouth of the Besòs, in Sant Adrià de Besòs (Barceona). The protest action, in which some fifty people from Anticapitalistas and other groups participated, had the objective of bringing together various complaints from the neighborhood and environmental movement.

“Las Tres Chimeneas is the last large plot of land on the coast of the metropolitan area”, although “at the moment it is not in use”. Endesa “intends, with the collaboration of public institutions, to carry out a new neighborhood, with very outdated and speculative logics, with an uncontrolled construction of houses that is justified with the construction of a hub audiovisual”, denounces Blanco.

Bet on popular queries

This is one of the last actions of a campaign that Anticapitalistas wants to have a greater scope. The name of this campaign, which started last October with the presentation of a web page where all the information about it is gathered, has an unmistakable militant character: “Let’s decide everything”.

Anticapitalistas regrets that “a social and political debate on the answers” to current problems has not been generated

The origin of “Decidamos todo” can be found, says Blanco, in the realization that “there are a series of problems on the table”, but that “a social and political debate has not yet been generated about what the necessary responses might be” .

Blanco highlights “especially the issue of light, and how it has gotten worse.” The companies responsible for the rise in the electricity bill are also “structures linked to the climate crisis”, and this, he recalls, “is not a matter of the situation, but rather it will get worse over time”. In this sense, Anticapitalistas does not hide its dissatisfaction towards the policy of the coalition government between the PSOE and United We Can. “We see that patches are basically being put on,” laments Blanco. “A series of promises have not been approved, they have been breached. And the measures that have been approved do not go to the bottom of the problem either,” he continues.

With actions like Endesa’s, Anticapitalistas wants to “raise the possibility of linking the issue of people’s basic needs with the democratic issue.” How? “With a referendum on these issues and let the citizens decide how to deal with them”, responds immediately the organization’s spokesman. The intention, says Blanco, is to raise “the debate on how to have public and democratic control over a series of assets that are strategic and will be increasingly key.”

Join to fight underlying conflicts

“If we continue to be kidnapped, so to speak, by oligopolies, we will not be able to solve these social and ecological problems,” Blanco observes. El Besòs, underlines returning to the action of a few days ago, “is a very paradigmatic space of what we are challenging in the campaign.” In this action, as its organizers wanted, “different platforms that are working on the ground” collaborated. This is precisely the direction Anti-Capitalists would like to see “Decide Everything” take: unite under one umbrella a broader spectrum of political and trade union organisations, and social movements.

The organization seeks to break with the idea that ‘there are no alternatives’

Blanco acknowledges that they are still “in a first phase, quite embryonic, of making the proposal known to other organizations.” Nor is there a “closed” calendar of future actions, largely because they want to “incorporate organizations and do it jointly.”

And this is related to the fact that the problems that “Let’s Decide Everything” wants to address, “are not problems that will be resolved soon: they are substantive conflicts.” Therefore, for Anticapitalistas it is imperative “to break the dynamic that ‘there is no alternative'” and the only way to do it is expand the base of the campaign “from the collectives” and with an eye toward “planning” new actions”.

For the time being, Blanco indicates, they are “working on this campaign making it known, with material on the street, the first actions or acts in different cities” and some meetings have also been held. “We have met with the CUP in Madrid, the Congress group, with which we collaborate on other issues, we have met with the Union of Llogateres…”, develops Blanco. “The idea is that it is not something strictly anti-capitalist and maintain the autonomy of social movements and union organizations,” he reiterates. He pauses and formulates an aspiration that is, at the same time, a whole task policy for the left: “We must know how to do it”.


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