‘Let the universe tremble’, the documentary about the hate speech of the Latin American extreme right

The first days of September hardly slept. After four months of intense work, the Argentine documentary filmmaker Joaquin Polo He verified in front of the television screen that “hatred was bearing fruit again”: they had just tried to kill the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. The images of the attack were incorporated at the last minute to let the universe tremblea film that has just crossed the Atlantic and is being presented this Saturday in Madrid.

“The assassination attempt comes from a logic that we narrate in the film: that hatred inoculated for so many years by the political opposition and the media, as well as the legal cases and the installation of certain issues on the agenda, made people go out to the street to insult Cristina, to say that a lot of blood was going to be shed… All of this was already addressed in the documentary,” Polo tells Public from Valencia.

The documentary filmmaker is in Europe to present his work hand in hand with the outdoor area of ​​Podemos. The first presentation took place on the 9th at the headquarters of the European Parliament in Brussels, within the framework of a meeting of militants of the purple formation from different countries.

After passing through Malaga and Valencia, the tour will close this Saturday at 7:00 p.m. Furor Productions of Madrid (c/San Fidel 1 – Local A), where the screening of this film will take place in which “social change and reaction in Latin America” ​​is analyzed to confront the right and extreme right.

“They want to monopolize everything, including words. For this reason, this documentary is against hegemonic information provided by the media,” Polo says shortly before a presentation. “The right is dangerous, it never rests,” he continues. When he doesn’t rule he is mad to get back into power.”

“The escalation of hate is greater every day”

The documentary captures the complex situation in Argentina, marked by the exponential growth of “hate speech and the rightization of societyNot surprisingly, Polo warns in the film about a “violent strategy that is co-opting more and more followers.” “The escalation of hate is greater every day,” he warns.

The documentary filmmaker Joaquín Polo during one of the presentations of ‘Let the universe tremble’. PUBLIC

Faced with that situation, let the universe tremble addresses the response of progressive forces to face these threats and strengthen leftist governments in Argentina, Colombia and Chile. It also analyzes the challenges facing Brazil, where the movement led by Lula da Silva try to build the necessary majority to defeat the far-right on October 2 Jair Bolsonaro.

“I think that in all these cases there are elements that also serve in Europe to think and rethink for the next elections,” says Polo, who also proposes analyzing “what has happened in Spain in recent years and what has been the strategy of the right”.

The director of the documentary highlights that the rise of Vox in Spain “is observed in a worrying way” from the other side of the Atlantic. “We see a contagious process worldwide regarding the advance of fascism. In places like Sweden, Italy or Spain we are talking about far-right parties that imply a very big setback,” he remarked.

“Moral Boost”

let the universe tremble has generated a mixture of excitement and hope among those who have attended the screenings in Europe. “This documentary has been very positive in trying to spread this new form of militancy that exists in America and create a mirror in which to look at ourselves,” he says. Francis Lopezrepresentative of the Network of Circles of Podemos in America and militant of the purple formation in Argentina.

López is in Spain these days with Polo to present this film, with which they seek convey a “morale boost” between the bases of Podemos. “We want to say that with strength and militancy situations can be changed, as has happened in Colombia or Chile,” he pointed out.


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