Lesmes threatens to adopt decisions that “we don’t like” if Sánchez and Feijóo do not renew the CGPJ

Carlos Lesmes, president of the CGPJ and of the Supreme Court, has delivered the most resounding speech, in terms of his patent anger at the situation of blockade of the governing body of the judges, of the nine he has delivered at the opening of the judicial year. This Wednesday, in the presence of Felipe VI, he asked Pedro Sánchez and Alberto Núñez Feijóo to meet urgently and warned about the adoption of other types of decisions “that we neither want nor like.”

“I publicly and solemnly request the President of the Government and the head of the opposition, the heads of the political parties with the greatest parliamentary representation, to meet urgently and reach an agreement that provides a definitive solution to this unsustainable situation, so that the CGPJ be renewed in the coming weeks or, if not, be reinstated in the fullness of its powers, giving this petition the constitutional and democratic relevance that it really has and leaving aside all party interest,” he said.

And the subsequent warning was surprising, without clarifying: “If this call that I am making today is not heeded, it will be necessary to reflect on the adoption of other types of decisions that we neither want nor like. We owe this urgent summons, sir, to the Spanish judges who legitimately hope that those who represent them will not remain impassive in the face of the deterioration of their main institutions”.

He has made a reference to his role in recent days, to avoid the boycott of the majority of the conservative members of the Council, who are hindering the election of two magistrates for the Constitutional Court: “Out of respect for the dignity of the institutions that I preside , it would be inadmissible to remain impassive in this responsibility, in the face of this unsustainable and unacceptable situation”.

Its central message has been that “the Spanish Justice is being subjected to tensions that could lead it to ineffectiveness and undermine the trust that citizens have in it.”

dismiss the resignation

Regarding his own resignation and by extension of the rest of the members of the CGPJ, Lesmes discards it. “From some sectors, the collective resignation of the members and the president of the Council has been advocated. It has even been insinuated that if this was not done, an accommodative and irresponsible behavior would be revealed. Nothing is further from the truth”, has Said this Wednesday.

“Although individual resignation may be admissible, collective resignation is not, since it would lead to the total paralysis of the Council due to the material and legal impossibility of carrying out its constitutional mission, as well as those other functions that the Organic Law of the Judicial Power entrusts to your organs”

“If this collective resignation occurs – Lesmes continued -, such behavior would be irresponsible, and unacceptable from the perspective of citizens and the Judicial Career, and may also give rise to responsibilities of a different nature”.

To illustrate his position, he pointed directly to the Government: “What would the citizens think, to give an example that everyone understands, if all the ministers of an acting government decided collectively to desert their positions, leaving Spain without a Government, as a means of put pressure on Parliament in an investiture process that was taking too long?

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