Lenovo reinforces its proposal in the educational area for 2023 with ThinkSmart Core solutions

MADRID, Dec. 29 (Portaltic/EP) –

The start of the Covid-19 pandemic forced many companies and educational centers to carry out an in-depth review of their communication systems, with the aim of continue to operate despite sanitary restrictions and not to lose the rhythm that was had until then in said areas of society.

In this period, Lenovo has taken a step further in the development of collaboration solutions thanks to its ThinkSmart Core range. It has a series of devices that, among other tools, integrate Microsoft Teams communication platformone of the most cutting-edge software programs when it comes to video conferencing and which is usually present both in classrooms and companies.

Both companies have fostered a new collaboration framework in which they intend, thanks to their services and technologies, to build hybrid classrooms that encourage remote learning without common interruptions in these environments, How can there be problems with the sound of the class? or frozen screens during the lesson.


Both Lenovo and Microsoft are aware that hybrid learning experiences are increasingly desired by both students and teachers. In fact, according to data collected by Microsoft, 93 percent of students believe that digital learning It will benefit your education.

To meet the needs of students, Lenovo has laptops focused exclusively on this area, which integrate the latest version of the Windows 11 operating system and which, in turn, have Microsoft 365 Education.

This suite of ‘software’ offers teachers, IT staff and students the solutions that enable them to help improve learning outcomes as well as classroom efficiency, all while saving time and money. Microsoft 365, in fact, ensures that all its users, regardless of their origin or situationthey can access a set of learning experiences through Word, PowerPoint or Teams.

“The fact that Lenovo devices integrate Microsoft Education solutions ensures that all students have the same opportunities as the rest of their class,” Lenovo experts explain. At the same time, collaborative solutions are encouraged more intelligent thanks to the particularities of the products of the technological manufacturer.

For example, thanks to Microsoft Teams Rooms, students can be in contact with their classmates and teachers thanks to the 4K cameras that integrate their devices, microphones noise canceling and sound bars smart.


In addition to a ‘portfolio’ dedicated exclusively to classrooms, Lenovo has a range of ThinkSmart Core collaboration solutions, which improve the experience in hybrid environments. One of the products in this family of devices is the ThinkSmart Hub, which adapts to meeting rooms or classroomsregardless of size, and enhance the Microsoft Teams experience.

It is a touch-controlled device that teachers and educators can use to control Microsoft Teams meeting rooms. Thanks to this device, students can participate without fear of missing a part of the lesson, since it integrates a 360 degree microphone and Dolby Audio premium immersive sound system.

Another of Lenovo’s ThinkSmart Core solutions for educational environments and, specifically, for use with Microsoft Teams Rooms is the ThinkSmart Controller, a device in which this program is already preconfigured. This 10.1-inch anti-glare and anti-smudge HD display It has 10-point touch technology and allows the teacher to start and control video classes, as well as share content and interact with students.

The panel has built-in infrared sensors that detect presence in the room and turn the computer on or off automatically, so the teacher doesn’t have to worry if they leave the room without doing it manually.

Finally, they have ThinkSmart Cam, a camera designed for collaborative environments that can be combined with a ThinkSmart device (such as Hub and Edition Tiny), although it can also be used alone, as a ‘plug-and-play’ system standard. This device transforms meeting rooms into immersive spaces, so that all students connected remotely through Microsoft Teams Rooms can have the feeling of staying in the same place.

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