Legionnaires are trained for “crowd control” with the help of police and civil guards

On one side, a block of legionaries with helmets, shields and weapons. On the other, some alleged protesters with sticks and an aggressive attitude. When the latter scream, the former repress. This is how one of the practical exercises of the annual “seminar” held by the Bandera Millán Astray of the Spanish Legion last August with the collaboration of the State Security Forces and the assistance of self-defense teachers. The objective: to learn to perform in “crowd control”.

The latest issue of the official magazine of the Spanish Legion –edited by the Ministry of Defense– brings an article by the captain Carlos Ramos Fiol, who offers a summary of the seminars of “Detention, Police Defense and Mass Control“, as well as” Operational Tactical Health “that took place in Ronda last August.

“After more than 15 years, the Company continues to count on the advice of instructors from the Civil Guard, National Police, Municipal, Ertzaintza, Krav Maga instructors and experts in health matters “, highlights Ramos in his article. In this sense, Ertzaintza sources consulted by Public They denied that the Autonomous Police of the Basque Country participated in this year’s meeting.

The Legion magazine notes that during the Detention and Police Defense, the members of this military unit “learned the most modern techniques used by our FCSE (State Security Forces and Bodies), adapting them to the weapons and material that would be available in a deployment in the area of ​​operations of a Flag of La Legion”.

Captain Ramos reports that “a joint tactical exercise was carried out in which the knowledge acquired in each of the seminars was put into practice and evaluated,” which led to the reenactment of alleged confrontations between protesters and legionaries.

“What a priori seemed to be the arrest of violent personnel under the influence of alcohol and drugs, led to the need for action by a unit, which was involved in a crowd control action in which they had to carry out charges, withdrawals, arrests of suspicious personnel, protection of medical equipment and assistance to them, “says the head of that Legion unit.

In declarations to the local string CharryTV Ronda, Captain Ramos said then that they had had the instruction of “professional personnel of the National Police and the Civil Guard who have seen themselves in this type of situation before.” “We have been able to count on them and their own experience to teach us the most refined and up-to-date techniques that we could learn,” he said.

“Dissolution of riots”

The Department of Police Personal Defense of the Asturias Olympic Wrestling Association he was also in charge of giving classes to the legionaries. In a dossier published shortly after the seminar, the Asturian instructors detail that their mission, as on previous occasions, was to teach a course “focused on anti-riot matters in preparation for a near future operational deployment of the unit.”

“Peaceful and hostile crowd control, barriers, pipelines, dissolution of riots low, medium and high intensity, use of specific anti-riot equipment such as smoke, tear gas, muzzles (adapted to their regulatory weapons), use and mobility of vehicles in public order, operational deployments, tactical formations, cadres … and others were trained , improved and dominated by the vanguard unit of our army “, they describe in their report.

The practical course also included “evacuation protocols, tactics inside buildings, approaches and deployments, dissolution of riots, arrest of violent people and combat medicine carried out by the members of the health course “.

“Internal security”

The Asturian federation assures that during the last two decades “it has given training to Legion operatives of a very diverse nature”, including practices of “Krav Maga and hand-to-hand combat”, “arrest and detention techniques”, “protection of personalities “,” crowd control and public order “or” CQB “training, alluding to shooting tactics training in tight spaces.

The instructors point out that in this way, the legionaries are able to specialize “in a subject for which they are increasingly required”: nothing more and nothing less than “their work to assist the State Security Forces and Bodies in internal security work“, something that, according to the personal defense teachers,” could be verified in the state of alarm. ”


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