Lebanon..An investigation has been opened into an attack on a UN patrol in the south


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Beirut/Naim Berjawi/Anatolia

Lebanese Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi requested, on Tuesday, the opening of an investigation into the “incident of interception” by the United Nations Interim Force “UNIFIL”, for the third time of its kind in nearly a month.

The official Lebanese media agency said that Mawlawi “followed up on the incident of the interception of UNIFIL patrol vehicles, on Tuesday, which led to the wounding of one of its soldiers, and the theft of their belongings, and demanded that the security forces open an investigation.”

Moloy considered that the incident “is a violation of the work of the soldiers charged with maintaining peace and ensuring stability in the south, and the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions,” according to the same source.

On Tuesday, UNIFIL spokesman Andrea Tenenti announced in a statement, “an attack on peacekeepers who were on a routine patrol, west of the village of Ramyeh, in southern Lebanon, after their cars were intercepted, in which one of the soldiers was wounded.”

He added that “the perpetrators (unidentified) sabotaged two vehicles and stole a number of items,” noting that “the Lebanese Armed Forces were at the scene, and later managed to calm the situation.”

Among the tasks of “UNIFIL” is to monitor the implementation of Resolution 1701, which was issued by the UN Security Council in the summer of 2006, which stipulates the “cessation of hostilities”, in the wake of a 33-day war between Hezbollah fighters and the Israeli army, which occupies the lands of southern Lebanon.

This is the third incident of its kind in about a month, when UNIFIL vehicles were vandalized and robbed by unknown assailants in southern Lebanon, in early January.

On December 22, young men in the southern town of Shaqra intercepted a patrol of the same force, as a result of which it shocked two young men while they were trying to escape.

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