Latvia asks the European Court of Human Rights to participate as a third party in the case of Ukraine against Russia

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MADRID, Aug. 9 (.) –

The Latvian authorities have asked the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on Tuesday to participate as a third party in Ukraine’s case against Russia for possible abuses and violations, as well as war crimes that Russian troops could have committed during the war.

Latvia’s application, based on Article 36 of the European Convention for the Protection of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, is the first of its kind to intervene as a third party in an interstate case.

Previously, Latvia was involved as a third party in several proceedings in which the Court examined individual applications regarding alleged violations of the Convention by other contracting parties, the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained in a statement.

In interstate cases, a contracting party to the agreement may refer to the Court an alleged violation of its provisions by another contracting party.

This is an extraordinary measure, applied in very exceptional circumstances, usually when there are serious concerns that ongoing human rights abuses have taken place.

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A couple of months ago, Russia ratified that it would no longer comply with the rulings of the ECHR, a body that on February 25 announced that it was provisionally suspending the country as a result one day before the announcement by President Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine.

Russia declared its formal withdrawal on March 15, for which the country was also excluded from the Council of Europe, to which the ECHR formally depends, in charge of ensuring respect for Human Rights in the 47 countries that have recognized its jurisdiction.

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