Lapsus or confession of Castillo? “They don’t like that I have been subjected to bribes”

In a speech commemorating the 198th anniversary of the Battle of Junín, peter castle He decided to continue with his line of recent months and attack the media and the opposition, especially for the latest voices that point to an upcoming impeachment process.

In his words, Castillo asked the opposition politicians, whom he called “coup forces,” to demand his resignation or to propose the impeachment process in the “town squares” and added that “they have reached a seat with a few thousand votes before a citizen who has been elected with millions of votes from the Peruvian people”.

However, these words were not the ones that attracted the most attention this Saturday among Peruvian public opinion and social networks. In a passage of his speech, Castillo, investigated in five different cases by the Prosecutor’s Office, said: “What has happened is that they do not like that I have been subjected to bribes, they do not like that I have been subjected to blackmail.”

He also had time to criticize Fujimorism: “What morality do they have to talk about diplomacy when they take away this constitutional right, what morality do those who sold weapons to the FARC of Colombia have, what morality do those who loaded and carried drugs have on the presidential plane “.


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